Fuel Economy on 2005 Mustang

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  1. Hey Guys, First Post.

    I have a 2005 mustang that I know isn't supposed to get amazing gas mileage. I know I also don't drive like a saint, but recently, I've seen that I have not been getting good MPG AT ALL. I got 211 miles on my last full tank. Now, I don't floor it everywhere I go, isn't that a bit rediculous?

    Any suggestions
  2. I have an 07 V6 so the mileage shouldn't be too different and i check every tank my mileage. I usually get 240 miles to a tank and that is with 90-95% city driving which is usually 18-18.5 mpg. Now when i drove to Virginia Beach I got 27.5 mpg. My car is a 5sp manual.
  3. I now have a GT. I had a V6. In town I got about 14 miles per gallon. On the road I could get 26 to 28. My GT is only about 1 mile per gallon less.
  4. ok, so I guess I'm not doing that horribly. Does anyone know how many gallons you have left when the gas light comes on?
  5. Can't answer that last one: I never let my fuel level get down that far, hating the idea that I may find myself sitting in a long line at the pumps when San Diego next catches fire.

    Tank holds 16 gallons, if I'm not mistaken. If it took that many to fill it after your 211 miles, you're getting 13 MPG. That's real bad, unless you do massive amounts of Wide Open Throttle. That's about what I got one tankful that included 16 (sixteen) autocross runs.

    Normal, everyday around-town combined city and freeway driving, I get a dependable 19+ MPG. Sixteen gallons times 19 MPG = 304 miles per tankfull. Mathematics (and meticulous records-keeping) is your friend.

    Over-the road mileage, at Southern California freeway speeds (80-85 MPH, mostly, with the occasional 0-20-0 MPH stop-and-go patches) I get a dependable, predictable 23 MPG; 368 miles on a 16-gallon tank. I usually fill when it takes 11 or 12 MPG, 220 - 240 miles.

    Works for me.
    2006 V6 Automatic convertible
  6. yeah i find it hard to get less than 16mpg in my v6 in the city. I live in jersey and traffic is ridiculous. if i'm ever below 17.5 i would be mashing the gas way too much.
  7. im in jersey too. i mash the gas way to much its a sickness. 90% of my driving is city. last i checked i had 220ish mile on a tank. thats using 93octane with a tuner and the rest of my mods tho.
  8. Typically it comes on with 1/8 of a tank left, if I remember correctly.

  9. approx 2 gals
  10. 220 miles on a tank, 16 gallons is 13.75 MPG. My car often gets about that in town.
  11. I have a CAI and a SCT tune..... get mine on the highway and hit the cruise at 70-80 mph I can get 28-29 mpg... I'm hopin' when I change out the stock muffler for a gt it'll help a little more.
  12. I believe it's closer to 1.5 gallons left.

    I reset the the gallons used meter whenever I fill my tank and it's pretty reliable. It says 14.5 used when the red light comes on. The amount my tank gets filled is within .1 of the meter.

    I drive mostly in southern california freeway traffic and I get 17.5 - 18.5 MPG depending on how bad the traffic is. City driving is right around 14-15 from what I remember.
  13. Dang I feel for you guys. I cant complain currently I have 300 miles on this tank and it says 90 miles till empty thats just a hair under a quarter tank. 40%/60% city n hwy. What is funny to watch is the miles to empty it starts at like 446. :)
  14. I'm averaging 20.6 mpg mostly city driving...and I like to jackrabbit start with the Hurst short throw,lol. Needless to say I'm pretty satisfied with my gas mileage.
  15. I finally ran a full tank down this week. 15.5 gallons 397 miles = 25.5mpg. That was 50/50 city/hwy this week. :)
  16. I just went up to Buena Park for the Fabulous Fords Foreverr show from San Diego. I got 25.5MPG on the way up with the top UP and 24.8MPG on the way back with the top DOWN. Both ways I set the cruise at around 70MPH. Oh, I have a 2006 V-6 with auto.

  17. I have a 2006 V6 Soithern California Special. I was getting around 19.7 mpg (mostly city and a little freeway). I bolted on a GT take-off muffler and my mpg increased to 20.2.
  18. Gallons

    I have the 07 4L Auto and get 28 Hwy and about 23 city.

    Run at 60 mph on HWY
  19. Wow some of you guys are getting some pretty crummy mileage!!! I average 20-21MPG in town with my Bullitt, and its got a 3.73 rear! What is the EPA rating on the sixxers? The 4.6 5-speeds are 15/23, but I have yet to see less than 17 or more than 22 in mine..
  20. On my V8 I get ~19-20 mixed driving. I got ~20-22 in my WRX on the same commute, although I have construction to deal with at the moment; I know it's hurting my mileage a bit. Just loaded in the premium flash; it might improve mileage ~1 mpg, offsetting premium gas price.