fuel filler neck grommet

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by trashman1980, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. I need to replace the grommet on the filler neck, but when i put the fuel pump in i was unable to get the neck out. Is there a secret or tip to make it easier? thanks.
    Oh its a 98 3.8l.
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  3. You had the pump out? So I assume you had the tank lowered?

    You'll also have to drop the fuel tank to pull the filler neck out of the tank.Even with that bracket off,the tank has to be down at least 10 inches and slid towards the driver side a couple inches or the tube wont come out.That seal is a royal pain in the ass to replace.

    Also dont forget the screws at the top of the neck securing it to the body.
  4. thanks didnt know about the screws at the tank, that should help,I know I probably riped the seal when I done the pump, which was a pain in the ass with out dropping the tank all the way down.
  5. hey i had to replace mine on my 2000 about 8 months ago - pain in the ASS but i got the grommet for like 6 bucks and took me 2 hours to do! the dealer waanted $420 to do it!!

    its way easier getting the neck out then back in. atleast for me and my little girly arm muscles
  6. Just found out the seal on my 2000 is broken (3.8).... the dealer wants $28 for a new one. Am I getting screwed or does anyone know of a better place to find one? $6 sounds a lot better!
  7. 50resto usually has them for around $20, but they're going to hit you for shipping, too. We basically get screwed with our pants on, but it's an essential part, so I guess we have to pay to play.
  8. I got mine from my local dealer Anderson Ford, for $12, and I think they ship nationally.
  9. Cool... I appreciate the input guys... looks like a dealer is probably the best way to go. Googled the part number and 50resto was the only site that came up, and that shipping is almost as much as the part!