Fuel Fuel Filter Bone Dry

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 85foxman, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. I would try to run it for a second with out filter just a minute to see if it improves it could be the fuel filter is do dense I think they rate then in microns or something, or go to electric fuel pump set up with aftermarket fuel pressure reg.
  2. And are you getting that fuel pressure reading after the filter or before it , if after that's ok put would make sure it's consistent it's sounds like some times fuel pressure falling. Maybe bad fuel pump just because it's new dont mean it's good
  3. I've run it with no filter and it does the same thing...I've also had a electric pump on it as well with no change...I actually put the mechanical pump on to check to make sure it wasn't the electric pump...the pressure is between the pump and carb...the filter is currently before the pump to check fuel flow.
  4. Well I would say filter should be between carb and pump first off but I think it's possible your problems are less where 9 times out of 10 it's always electrical the balance would work but I forgot your is carbed and not using a computer , start with spark plugs and al the usuals it's possible the cylinder that fuel pump runs on are the culprits if spark is intermitant I by hat cylinder would affect fuel pump more but I think any cylinder that's faulty will affect vacume for fuel pump
  5. As for the fuel filter being dry , if it's vertical fuel could be back siphoning right back to the tank everytime u shut it off
  6. The tuning adjustments on the edelbrock carbs are tricky. It seems to be more of a carb tuning issue than fuel supply issue if the car runs normally other than stalling at a stop sign. As far as the hard starting, where is the timing set? is it locked out? if the timing is advanced too far you could have a hard start problem for sure. just a thought.
  7. There should always be enough fuel in the carb bowls to start the car and get the fuel to refill them once you start pumping fuel again. this should not be an issue.
  8. I agree with 84ttop there's is something else carb is good place to look as well as distributor
  9. Yep might be sticky float
  10. I gota say also the horrible fuel these days plagued all my quads with varnishing and water accumulating in tank from ethanol a carbs a carb , I woul think a mustang sitting alot would be perfect candidate for it
  11. It's certainly worth pulling the carb apart to take a look inside. I know Holley had a lot of problems with the coatings inside the carbs for a while being compatable with the increasing amounts of ethanol in the fuel. Those problems have since been resolved for several years but there is no saying that a few carbs from that time period aren't still floating around with the same problems.
  12. Yeah sucks to have to pull the carb apart but would be worth it's weight to ease the mind
  13. Dump a little gas down the carb and see if you can get it to prime
  14. Ok guys...thanks for the replies...I think your missing my question here...my car runs fine, I'm asking why the fuel filter is dry after running for 5ish minutes.
  15. I don't quit understand if it runs fine the filter can't be dry it's getting gas unless it stalls then has a dry filter then it's obvious there is a fuel delivery problem can only be 1 of 3 things
  16. so you are saying that the carb or regulator is not holding the fuel and it is draining back, resulting in the filter being dry?
  17. I don't know really it's possible , but as someone else said the bowl should still have fuel in it , and should give you an a first start , even cold I'm saying if anything it's carb, fuel pump , or regulator , may be a calapseing fuel line , Or some sort of vapor lock happening , make sure all lines from pump are correct , could even be as far back as the tank or somewhere between in the lines , also is there a factory filter back by the tank there should be a vent tube of the tank or a vacuum runnin to the motor is that clogged , there's a hole lot could be just start eliminating things start at back work forward
  18. I've taken the tank out...blew through the lines...no clogs...there is no fuel pressure regulator...no factory filter...I have a steady 5.5-6.5 lbs of fuel pressure at the carb...I have the inline filter before the pump to check fuel delivery to the pump...I've had the filter after the pump and it does the same thing...my car runs fine other then the occasional stall coming to a stop and the occasional start issue when its warm...I have no clue why people keep saying to check the timing cuz it has nothing to do with fuel delivery...the fuel filter gets sucked dry and my car will still run so I am asking why the filter gets sucked dry...I had an electric pump on before but was told that was my problem so I went with the mechanical pump...its not vapor locking and nothing is plugged.