Fuel Injector Cleaners

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    I read the ingredients on Seafoam - petroleum distillates. I also read the ingredients on Techron - Light petroleum distillates. Neither is very specific, but neither sounds all that harmful. Petroleum distillates may not be stronger than the gas, or it may be lighter fluid.

    B-12 Chemtool ingredients - Toluene, Methanol, Acetone, 2-Butoxyethanol, Methyl Ethyl Keytone (MEK), Isopropanol. So that is at least four GOOD solvents and lots of stuff you do NOT want to have prolonged exposure to your skin.:eek: I am sure you can run Techron Concentrate in each tank without causing a problem. But if you want something cleaned out, there is no contest. At the stealership I used to work at, the mechanics told customers if the B-12 Chemtool does not do it, it was time to get the injectors manually flushed and cleaned.
  2. I like Lucas and Amsoil. The Lucas one has some kind of oil in it that also lubes your top end, in addition to cleaning. However with all of them, I can tell the car runs different with them in the fuel system.
  3. Probably naptha, heptane or kerosene.
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  4. Redline at oreilly, strong and work enought that last over a years, 1 a years is all you need.

    or Techron + fill up with techron gas.

    stick with toptier gas and you dont have to worried about fuel injector cleaner.

    go here to see which gas station around you is top tier http://www.toptiergas.com/

    I dont use any of those above any more, since I found a local gas station carry None ethanol gas, just 5-10 cent more and you get 100% gas .
  5. Back in the day I had a buddy that was a gm tech and their top end cleaner ( no brand name) was the best. You put your nose to the bottle and your hairs fell out.
  6. I can understand how running something that smells like varnish and paint stripper cleans off the baked on varnish (from cooked gas) out of the carb and off the injector nozzles. I even had a Cougar that always liked a bottle of the cheapest STP cleaner in it. I eventually found a broken vac. manifold that fixed the problem. But until then, injector cleaner made it run better.

    But what is something in your fuel really lubricating? The only part of the top end that fuel should come into contact with in a 4 cycle motor is the tulip end of the valve stems. As the guides are lubed with motor oil from the top, I do not understand the lubrication claims. 2 cycle motors are different, but they make the claim for 4 cycle motors. Can you explain it for me because I do not get it at all.

    As for other brands of fuel cleaners, please read the ingredients before getting too attached to one brand of snake oil. Most are really just petroleum distillates. On the other hand, paint stripper in less than a full tank of fuel might not be a good thing either.

    As far as just using top of the line fuel eith no ethanol, it is not an option here. It all comes from the same refineries and trucks here. Maybe the station dumps in a bottle of additives into their tanks, but I have never seen that happen. I tried to get non ethanol fuel for my antique car and the mowers. I gave up, updated the rubber hoses and try to remember the Sta-bil. Support the farmers and enjoy the octane is my new motto.
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  7. The dealership I was with that recommended B-12 was a GM dealership. But I know the old GM version was nasty stuff. Not only do they smell like (paint) stripper, they also burn cold on your skin like stripper and good spray carb cleaners do. I will count nose hairs next time I use some.
  8. I had a 91 camry, and I didn't want to buy shims to adjust the valve lash. Lucas fuel add. made the topend more quiet... The valve seals keep engine oil out of the guides.
  9. Not saying it did not help the noise, but how the heck did the fuel cleaner affect the valve lash? Did you put it in the oil too like Seafoam? As far as the valve umbrellas, if they block ALL the oil, the valves will sieze like a GM Tech 4 on a cold day.
  10. lol... It helped with the noise. Not sure what was bad if it was valve lash or guides? It didn't fix anything, just masked it. No lucas in the oil, but auto trans was full of it.

    Edit, car burned a quart of oil every few weeks.