Fuel Injectors, Different Years.

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  1. I'll start off with the problem that I'm having. I've had my check engine light on for a few months now. The code came up as a misfire in cyl #1. Since then I've replaced the intake gasket, all spark plugs and replaced the ignition coil. Still hasn't fixed the light. The first time the light came up, a few weeks after, after I was going home and sitting at a light. The engine started missing right before I was about to let off the clutch to start driving. The check engine light flashed, so I pulled over and turned the engine off, then back on and drove home. No problem. A few more weeks go by and it does it again. So I did the same thing, but now it has gone to the point where it's doing it a lot more often. If I shut the engine off and turn it back over, it won't continue missing. It's also random when it wants to do it. Sometimes I'll sit at a light, and it'll drive just fine, or start missing while sitting there. Also I've noticed that in the morning when it's chilly outside, when I start the car to warm it up. It'll do it regardless. So a friend of mine said he has a 2001 3.8L block sitting in his garage. He'd said he can take the fuel injector from that engine and put it in mine, to see if that'll fix it. But I was wondering if they're different in any way? Or if it'd be okay to swap it out. Thanks for any comments and help!!
  2. I think they are the same, but before doing that, I would try swapping your fuel injectors out, and see if the misfire code follows the problem.

    You can try swapping the injector, spark plug, and coil pack (you didn't say what year your car was, so this may not apply) and see if the issue follows moving the parts around.

    Inspect the spark plug, what does it look like? Does it look like it's firing? Is it burned? Or oily?

    Do a compression test on that cylinder. 3.8's are notorious for blowing the head gasket and it's possible the head gasket is blown here.