Engine Fuel injectors, gt40heads, gt40 intake

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  1. First real post so here it goes. First of all I'm getting new injectors and keeping my 19# rate. I'm looking for a good cheap set but all I see really is 360 and up price tags. Any reccomondations? I'm swapping them out bc I live in fairbanks ak and my car is pushing 150,000 miles. Next is I'm picking up a set of gt40 heads for 200 flat I'm thinking about replacing everything obviously, I would get a set of my dream afr 165s but I just can't part with 1500 dollars plus shipping. And finally my tubular intake is getting a light port and polish along with the lower and I was just curious about clearance under the stock hood. It has a couple scrapes on the top and it looks like someone might have had hood clearance issues with it and I don't want to be the next guy with the same issue. Thanks for the help.
  2. Jordan, thanks for the link but it seems to be broken. Is that a link from this site? And before I pick the heads up from the junk yard ill see if they will come down in price any. I knew I would be putting some money in them by just taking them to the machine shop alone. Nothing too fancy I just need it done right with the parts and labor.
  3. gaaaay, I didn't think it would disable the link for being from an external website -___-:uzi:

    It was a thread on another forum
    just google "hood clearance gt40 tubular"
    it was the third link for me, on all-ford-mustang website.

    The general consensus was that it would fit without a spacer, some said the insulation of the hood might rub and to just remove it. A spacer would be too much and would mean you would have to change the hood. People also noted that I different strut tower brace would be needed.
  4. Well that answers that about the intake. Anyone know of any good injectors? I want to keep the stock flow rate of 19#. From what I understand the stockers are good up to 300hp anyway. And if I get 19# injectors would I have to re calibrate anything such as the maf sensor?
  5. well I'll give you what I know since nobody else has replied.

    If your stock fuel injectors are still good I would continue to use them and just clean them, maybe an additive or something like b-12 or sea foaming the car.

    If you go up in injector size you would have to re calibrate but since you're staying at 19 you should be fine. I don't think you should waste the money on new injectors though.
  6. If your stock injectors aren't broke, don't fix 'em...

    So long as they cycle, you can keep them going forever.
    RJM sells a rebuild kit that is about 20 bux...
    You strip them down, soak them in Berryman's injector cleaner overnight, dry them, blow them out with compressed cleaner while cycling the injector with a junkyard connector jumpered to a battery, then blow them out with compressed air while cycling... Now install all the new parts in the RJM kit, and you have new injectors.

    When I do the overhaul to mine, if I find one that isn't cycling/or isn't cycling strong, I replace it with a stock injector sourced from the local upull, and use the new parts on that one (assuming it cycles well).