Fuel Leak!! Need Help Asap!

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  1. Alright, so I'm new to this.. Names Mike. I have a 2000 Mustang and just replaced the whole filler neck and grommet. I go to fill it up, and no more than $1.50 in, the fuel starts backing up all the way out of the top of the filler! before I changed it, I noticed the grommet could use replacing, but also that the fuel neck itself was rotting out. I figured this was the reason that fuel was backing up/shutting off pump/leaking.. Now I notice that there's obviously some kind off back pressure or something not allowing the fuel to flow into the tank.. took me like 3 minutes to get $5 in it!!? sensor??? shut off switch/valve???? some type of blockage/something clogged?? idk, need help asap
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  4. There should be a vent tube in or on the side of the filler neck make sure it is clear. Chances are that's the issue.
  5. There is also a small vent tube on top of the tank those also tend to get plugged. I also tend to just blow those tubes out with the airline from my compressor