Fuel Fuel Line Disconnect Help!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bigvino, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. hey everyone, im having difficult removing the fuel lines from the fuel rail I have the fuel line quick disconnect tool , purchased from local vatozone. but im having a hard time pulling the line apart.. has anyone had difficulty removing the lines too?? and how did you remove the line? thanks!
  2. I had a very difficult time with mine once. Shot some lube up in the spring release area, tried pushing it together and pulling it apart to work the lube in there. Finally it just came apart so easy.... click.
  3. i wish it was that easy:mad: ...could i use some PB blaster or wd-40?
  4. Either of those should be fine. Usually it's just that the seals are stuck. Be prepared to replace those seals before reassembling.
  5. Those plastic disconnect tools are crap and often don't engage the rail enough. The Matco ones I have used for 20 years are much stronger and do the job. Those rails are notorious for sticking and often take some muscle to get apart. Spray some PB blaster in there and work the fitting in and out. It may help to have a friend hold one end of the rail.

    Also, make sure the spring and o rings are lubed when you assemble them and hear the click and put on the retaining clamp if it is still there.
  6. ok thanks guys! im going to hit it up with some blaster and try it again...
  7. mine were stuck too. I didnt spray with lube but with some wiggling and a neighbor holding the other side I persuaded them to come out. The cheap plastic tools work in a pinch but i eventually sprang for a better set and it made a huge difference.
  8. just did my lower intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets. i had an easy time i used a 3/8 and a 5/8 disconnect tools
  9. Does anyone know where I can get the o-rings?
  10. there is a felpro part # ill see if i can find it

    bwd part # 274572
  11. Thanks David
  12. I bought a proper aluminium fuel line disconnect tool, and me a my friend finally removed the fuel lines with great force.. and replaced it with a used line within an hour.. and the difference is night and day!! the car used to buck at low speeds. NOW no more bucking and a huge difference!
  13. good to hear man glad your car is running well