Fuel mpg and range

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  1. I was just wondering what kind of miles per gallon and range in miles you were all getting with your V6 Stangs. I know I'm lucky if if I get 250 miles out of one tank while the fuel needle points to empty. My car used to be a lot better but lately it seems like I go through the gas faster and faster with less miles traveled. Any suggestions to try and improve gas mileage would be welcome and appreciated.

  2. I got that same problem(it`s not really a problem-just some extra CASH) I just filled up my Tank today and it took 13.7 gal(I always use SHELL V-POWER 91 Octane), from my last fueling I had 220 miles on the Trip, but my driving was CTY/HWY and was mostly over 75Mph on the Freeway.......so I decided to do a little TEST now , w/driving 65-70Mph and City driving to be like an "OLD LADY" kinda thing, no hard push on the pedal E.T.C......I can`t promise though but I`ll give it a try :))
  3. I tried out my MPG a week or so ago. Driving really careful, never mashing it, easing up so it shifted under 2,000 rpm (it's an auto) I pulled 21 mpg and that was doing all I could. Didn't gain enough to satisfy me so it's back to mashing it for me. I paid for the exhaust, I wanna hear it.
  4. WTF.......after all I've done and I'm still getting 28 mpg? What are you all doing? I can stomp most cars on the road and get better mileage than them.

    Dude, check your air filter and O2 sensors.......they'll kill your MPG's
  5. I probably need to check things too cause I used to do almost 400 to E and now its maybe 300. Thats about half highway and city with generous driving. Stupid sensors.....
  6. Any ideas on how I can increase my fuel efficiency to say at least 300 miles to each tank?

  7. well for one thing that is maybe a bit counter intuitive but mustang specifically call for regular unleaded gas. I have always used 87 and I do a little under 300 to the tank and that was with bad plugs. I just changed them today and i'll calc that soon as the tanks empty.
  8. Good god! 300 is a good tank for me if it's primarily city. Highway I can get it to around 400 if it's almost all highway. Granted, that was with filthy injectrs/plugs and not too clean of heads either. So, we'll see when I get it back together if it's improved any.
  9. Drove from FL to MS this past weekend. My odometer doesnt work but on the way back on I-10 I filled up at mile marker 9, stopped and filled up again at mile marker 343. Car took right at 12 gallons to fill back up. Doing the math i got a little under 28 mpg.

    On a side note. Car had been getting real ****ty gas mileage so b4 i left i changed the plugs. The plugs that were in the car were gapped at .062(which i think was the problem). I gapped the new ones at .052 and have noticed a huge difference in the mileage i can get out of a tank....

    car specs....94, 5spd., K&N filter, recent OEM Clutch, recent HeadJob, autolite copper core plugs, burning 89 octane(car ran like shyt on 87 but could have been due to plug gap)
  10. So changing the sparkplugs would definitely help then. What kind do you recommend?

  11. i get 19.5 mpg... not as good is i would like it to be
  12. I had autolite platinums prior to replacing. Decided to go with the standard Autolite copper cores after reading several articles online. Only benefit i saw with platinums....double platinums....etc.... is that you can go 100k+ miles without changing plugs......Me personally I prefer to tinker on my car so don't mind changing my plugs more frequently than that. Manufactures prefer to advertise the platinums because they can advertise longer time spams between tuneup's.....
  13. Good lordy, I really should do a tune-up. My 98' gets horrible milelage. I'm taking it to NTB to get the IV fuel system work done, put in a new fuel filter, and get some new 02 sensors...man with 70k I guess it's time for some preventive maintenance?
  14. Once upon a time at a point at which my car was apparently at its pinnacle of mechanical and electrical efficiency, I got 35mpg. I was amazed when we were headed to Branson and on the way back I still had half a tank and a bit over 250 miles on the trip odometer.
  15. Why do you have to take it somewhere to have the simple stuff done? Go to autozone and buy the parts, while you're there, get some ramps and wrenches (if you don't already have em).

    Crappy mileage is bad enough, but paying somebody to do the work for you is worse.
  16. Sorry, I meant that there's and IV fuel system treatment at NTB I'm getting done (my brother works there). It makes the OTC fuel system cleaners look like water. My car will smoke a little bit from it, but thats due to the crap it is flushing out (or so I'm told). I already have the tools necessary to put the other stuff on, I just need to buy a new filter and O2 sensors.
  17. Yeah, MPG sucks, I just filled my tank the other day and the TRIP reads less than 90 Miles and the Gas points at a bit over Half tank CTY/HGWY combined.......maybe I`ll do a Tune up as well, something`s really wrong-haven`t pushed the pedal at all , + 65-70 Mph on the Freeway and it still sucks for a V6 Auto......... I got the car a year ago and haven`t done any Tune ups (44K a year ago, almost 69K Today) maybe I`ll do a 30K service to it..........
  18. 28 mpg!?.. wtf.. i hate you all, i get 16mpg on a good freaking day.
  19. I've been getting 17mpg to the tank and that's with mostly in town driving, not driving like a psycho, and occassional highway driving. Sucks big time in my opinion. I think my engine needs a major overhaul.

  20. From the factory, Ford reported the V6 at about 18mpg city/23mpg highway. That should be fairly close from 94-04. I've gotten 27mpg on a long freeway trip and maintaining a constant speed (i.e., very little acceleration). Everyone's mpg will vary, because we've all got different driving styles. I average about 19mpg, but I hit 20mpg now and then. Since I'm doing better than stock, I'm happy.

    New plugs and wires can help, also running half a can of Seafoam through the engine will too. Search the 5.0 section for 'seafoam' for instructions, it's the same for the V6.

    Also try cleaning the MAF and ACT, or replace them entirely. Those are the main sensors used for calculating the amount of fuel to add. Replace the air and fuel filters. You can search the 5.0 boards for these things as well, cleaning/replacing them is also the same.