Fuel Problem

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  1. OK guys this is interesting. A friend of mine has a 95 5.0. He Is getting a code for both o2 sensors max rich limit. Replaced both sensors and same problem. Took it to 2 shops 1 shop says he is getting codes for maf sensor both o2 sensors faulty fan relay and fuel pump voltage to high. Second shop says maf sensor not communicating with ecu. I think it's all a bunch of bull but here is the problem he has o/r h pipe with flow masters that's it the car gets horrible mpgs I can clearly see it dump black smoke and it idles erratically. I Was a wondering if you guys had any ideas before he pays another mustang Butcher here in Florida. Thanks guys
  2. First clean and/or replace the MAF sensor element with MAF cleaner or nonchlorinated brake cleaner. You need to remove the sensor to do this properly. Second, clean and reattach the battery to engine and engine to chassis grounds. Check the cables for any sign of corrosion under the sheathing. If there is any just replace the cable.
  3. Post the code numbers and maybe I can help. I have full code/test path listing for 86-93 5.0 Mustangs and some of it crosses over to 94-95 5.0 Mustangs.
  4. ok ill see him tomm. at work ill get them and post