Fuel Fuel Pump Again?

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  1. I have had an extensive issue with my 99 mustang v6 over the past 3 years. Three years ago, upon taking it out of storage for summer, it would not start despite the use of stabilizer. The fuel pump was fried. Had it replaced and it was starting. Within the first month, it was starting hard (long crank with an eventual fire). It was end of the fall and back into storage it went. The pump was under warranty, so I had another one put in the following the summer. Long story short, got it home after the second pump and still a long crank and then finally a fire. The mechanic is within a mile of my house. I kinda gave up on it. Now, this year brought it into another mechanic just because it wasn't working with the other mechanic. This new mechanic gives me the same diagnosis of fuel pump. New pump from prior year has less than 200 miles on it. The fuel pressure is low with a pressure guage (sits at 30 psi while running, but up to 10 psi with key in on position). Can I in good faith replace it for a third time? Both filters in tank and in line were replaced last year. Any suggestions would be helpful. Sure hate getting mad at the old mustang.

  2. do you do anything special to the fuel system when you store it or do you just put it storage for the winter and bring it out in the spring?
  3. Stabilizer with a full tank of gas to protect the pump. Otherwise nothing else. Why do you ask?
  4. just to make sure you were putting in something and to rule that out, im not sure what it is but a lot of mustangs and other fords have this problem of sitting for a long period and the fuel pump go bad but im not really to sure what causes it
  5. Gas tanks can get rusty through the years and rust particles are very abrasive. If there is rust in the tank, it's a good idea to replace it. You can get a $20 USB camera on eBay that will let you look inside. Search for 200X USB magnifier.
  6. What brand fuel pump are you replacing it with?

    Just sitting shouldn't kill a pump. My fox regularly sits 1-2 years without being started. Longest stretch was 7 years. Still started fine.

    Cheap parts store pumps tend to be...well...cheap
  7. I agree with the cheap parts statement, but not the sitting part. I've seen it in a lot of sn95 mustangs even mine and even f150s where they've sat from anywhere from a week to a year and all of a sudden the pump goes bad, mostly stock fuel pumps but still i hear it mostly from the late 90s fords there has to be something that was done different in those years to make the pumps go bad the way they do.
  8. Finally figured it out. Broke down and bought a brand new motorcraft pump for $400. Found out the last 2 pumps that were put in were about $200 each (Airtex). It holds pressure now and starts like new. Thanks for the ideas everyone.
  9. Did you buy the whole pump assembly, or just the pump?
  10. Whole assembly at www.fordparts.com. They will send it to nearest ford dealer. Got it in about 3 hours.