Fuel pump change

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  1. Any1 know how much it cost to change a feul pump?

    My friends 98 gt had his go out on him and he got a quote for $600 to fix it. Is that a bad deal?

    I don't know so any help to be great.

    Also, how hard would it be to do our selves?
  2. In a 2000 is about 4 hours the first timer... then 2 hours at much afterwards (I think 98 and 2000 are the same)... special tools needed are just these hose coupling fittings dissasembly tools...

    Disconnect battery.
    Work when your tank is about 1/4 full.
    Remove filler pipe bolts (3) access these inside the fuel door.
    Remove filler pipe gommet bolts (3) access these from the inside of the trunk.
    Disconnect two hoses, one going from the pump to the filter... and other close to this one...
    Support the tank with a floor jack and a piece of wood.
    Remove tank holding straps bolts (3).
    Lower the tank just enough to gain access to the pump.
    Blow clean top of the tank.
    Remove pump flange.
    Get your hand inside the tank on the pump canister and press two locking tabs to release the pump from its base.
    Put new pump in carefully (float and suction strainer) until it clicks on the base.
    Start reassembly.

    I think $600 is a good deal for the mechanic only (maybe he/she can do that job in an hour!)
  3. Of course, after doing this check all the fuses and relays... there is a fuel pump relay on the CCRM that can fail... use a test light to see if there is voltage in the fuel pump connector... it there is not, check fuses, relays and CCRM...
  4. Not a hard swap to tackle at all. I wouldn't pay near that amount to get it done.

    Set aside a few hours and knock it out :nice:
  5. I've done them on other cars and it isn't difficult, just be careful around gasoline.

    This past winter the pump in my Caprice died and since it was 10 degrees out I had the local mechanic do it.
    Cost me $125 labor (I already had the part) and it's the same procedure as the Mustang pump, IOW in tank pump.

    $600 is way too high.
  6. 125 sounds like a non-tank-drop installation. Many GM cars have an access panel in the trunk. I've changed the pump on a Buick LeSabre in 15 minutes. But the mustang doesn't include the access panel so the tank has to come down and that's a challenge to complete in an hour. Typically more like to hours start to finish if there are no other problems that crop up such as broken connectors, etc. Note that the GM installation usually includes butt-splicing a new connector as well to add to the time, otherwise it would be a 10 minute job. And no, not all GMs have access panels. The sport-utilities are a PITA when the tank is full and they are going thru fuel pumps like mad because everyone is always running them on fumes and after a few years, the small rubber check valves that keep fuel on the pump for cooling fail and the motor goes south. Mustangs don't have the plastic canister and depend on a baffle in the tank to keep the motor wet...
  7. Order a new grommet for the filler neck while you are at it. If you rip it you're screwed til you get a new one.

    BTW...the grommet is 98 only. 94-97 takes the same one, then 98 only, then 99-04. I went through this when I did mine in my 01.
  8. I changed mine on my 98 GT. My fuel pump went out on me on the way home from the service station. Yep, had a full tank. The hardest part was draining the tank. I cut that rubber grommet and pushed it into the tank and got the gas out through that hole. There is a check valve in the filler neck and you cant get any gas out through it.IF you put a stock pump back in, it just snaps into place.
    There's a screen on the bottom of the pump.Make sure in doesn't end up under the pump. Try it and save 600.00 Spend tha on some go fast goodies:D