Fuel pump on a 2.3L

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by Wolfhound, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. My brother in law has a 1990 LX 2.3L and his fuel pump died. I was wondering what size of fuel pump does it take. I have a Walbro 255 fuel pump that I took out of my car when I upgraded. I was wondering if it would be okay to put the 255 in the 2.3. Would it cause any problems with the extra fuel like running real rich and stuff. Thanks for the help.
  2. the Fuel pressure regulator *should handle the pumping abilities of the 255, if not just get an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and set it yourself. One question, what did u upgrade too, from a 255? lol thats pretty killer already,no?
  3. There is absolutely no reason to put a pump that large into a stock 2.3. I would just put in the stock replacement. What ever fuel isn't used is returned to the tank and what happens is the fuel statrs to get heated up.
  4. dude what kind of car do you have that a 255 LPH won't supply?
  5. if he runs a nice size shot of nitrous, a 255 would be nice insurance, maybe its just me? unless its just laying around or free...i dont see the reason...but i spose that wasnt the question ;o)
  6. That thing will run extremely rich if you put that on. I would just get a stock reaplacement. Think of it this way, the 5.0 has the same size fuel pump as the 2.3, and it runs just fine.
  7. As i slowly convert my stang for the swap..ive been trying to get as much done before i swap the motor, just to have it ready for the new turbo motor. I just got my walbro 255lph fuel pump today and was thinking of putting it in.(scenes i am 35% done putting in the nitrous kit, yes im taking my time ;) ) Should i exspect any adverse affects running a 255lph without an adjustable fpr? Eventually ill get the funds to purchase one, but for now i hafta run with the stock setup. So what do u guys think?