Fuel pump relay location 91-93 ???????

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  1. Where is the fuel pump relay in a 91-93 2.3. I saw on Chiltons site it is under the dash by the glove box, I looked but cant find it. Help!
  2. this may sound weird...but i believe it is under the drivers seat.
    if you just unbolt the seat you should see it there.
    weird place for it in my opinion

    i know its there on some years..not sure about your year

    hope that helps
  3. relay

    theres 2 of them . one under drivers seat and the one on passenger side.
    its behind glove box above computer a little behind it , take off kick panel , drop glovebox down and take out dash speaker so you can shine a flash light down in it .. it took me an hour to find it and replace it , i had to use a big screwdriver to wedge it off the sidewall cuz its got a plastic tab holdin it on there just like the one under the drivers seat . i then had to push it back and down so i could access it from under the dash by the heater and stick my hand in thru the back of the glovebox at the same time , you have to unlatch the plastic lock tab with long screwdriver, trust me its a bitch . i forgot i pulled out the sound deadining plastic with the carpet on it first,, good luck... after all the cussin it fired right up, but i went ahead and replaced both of them and the fuel pump had went bad after just 1 yr,it was a carter from advanced . this time i got all my stuff at napa ,$150 total
  4. interesting. I was lead to believe it's in a box in the engine compartment that is on the passenger side shock tower. From what I understand it's one of 3 relays that control the pump and cooling fan and is not very easy to get inside the box.
  5. that's where its at on the 93. I was having problems with mine kicking off when i used the AC....same box....i have to pound on it once in while...