Fuel Pump Wiring

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  1. DSC02203.JPG DSC02206.JPG DSC02198.JPG DSC02212.JPG i have dual fuel pumps im wanting to wire up in my car what wire do i tie to for the fuel pump relay to work the same as stock i found these wires not sure what they were for looked on veryuseful.com didnt see it
  2. So you want help with your electrical problem: you have come to the right place. However, your post is very difficult to understand.
    Please use CAPITAL letters to start sentences and periods . to end them. Explain your problem in short, easy to read sentences. Once I can clearly understand what you are trying to explain, I will be glad to help you fix the problem.

    I will tell you this: the use of crimp on wire taps and connections to splice wires is very poor practice. They are subject to moisture, corrosion and high resistance connections which will degrade over time. These connection problems are often intermittent and are difficult to troubleshoot and trace. Solder all wiring splices and use heat shrink tubing to cover the spliced and soldered joints.
  3. I have dual fuel pumps im wanting to wire up in my car. How do i wire up the pumps to work the same as stock. I found these wires that the previous owner was going to tie to im assuming.
  4. Thank you for your efforts, it makes much more sense now.

    The first thing that is needed is the electrical specs for the pumps. This is needed so that the proper size wiring and fuses can be selected prior to starting any modification. The stock wiring is sized and fused for about 15 amps, and dual pumps are going to pull more current than a single stock pump. That is bound to overload the stock wire and the fuse link for the fuel pump.

    What electrical specs are needed? Most important is the individual fuel pump current draw at 14 volts. That's what the electrical system puts out when the car is running above 1000-1200 RPM.