fuel pump

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by kilamaine, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. my fuel pump is going out i was told to upgrade to 190lph to have more than enough fuel for later performance upgrades. my motor is stock with all bolt ons accept a intake and throttle body.Any suggestions
  2. if you planning on going big it wont hurt... a new one is gonna cost X amount of dollars... i forgot how much more that 190 will cost but i would assume its not that much more... depends what your future plans are... i woudl do it though if its feasable. my motor blew years ago due to not having the proper injectors :(
  3. A 190 should be sufficient for your current needs.

  4. I personally know nothing about cars but I just had to replace the fuel pump on mine.

    For me, the car just died. It would start and then just die.. like it wasn't getting any fuel. Changed the fuel filter first to make sure it wasn't just plugged up but that didn't help.. Changed the pump and it fixed it.

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