Fuel Pump ?

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  1. I have a 4.75 stroker with the the 2.1 KB at 10psi and 36lb injectors. I'm breaking the new motor in at the moment and I still need to order my 60# injectors. I'm hoping to be in the mid 400s to the ground. Will my factory fuel pump and the bap work or do I need a different pump
  2. The duty cycle will be sky-high. I'd spring for a pump for safety and peace of mind.
  3. What pump would you recommend?
  4. What are your plans for the car? Do you see yourself forging the motor and going for some serious power anytime soon?

    If not, I'd say that a 217lph SVT Focus pump is a good option. They're good to about 450rwhp with a BAP. You can also opt for the 310lph Aviator pump for a little more money. The Aviator pumps are good for 500-530-ish rwhp with a BAP.
  5. Its a teksid block, everything is studs, and the MMR 1000 4.75 stroker rotating assembly. It can handle as much as I wanted but I'm still running stock 2v heads and the little 2.1 kb. I'm guessing I'll be close to 450rwhp and 500rwtq
  6. Id say get the aviator pump. I got mine from CJ Pony Parts. Im running the 310 Aviator pump, 40amp BAP, FPDM wiring upgrade, along with 60#'rs. However, if you have the coin, look into a complete return-style system. That can easily handle 800, 900, 1000hp and you wont have to worry about fuel ever again.
  7. I think I'll go with the 310. I'll look into the return style system eventually when I switch to different heads and get a bigger blower. I can't get to them numbers with factory heads and a 2.6
  8. im running a 255lph focus pump and a BAP from JMS and im at 425rwhp and 444rwtq
  9. What size injectors are you running and what's the duty cycle on the pump?