"Fuel read FTE err" Check eng light

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by BOSS4.6L, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Ok, Iwas on vacation right, Just drove my gt from Az to Mt(1100miles) and had no problems what so ever until the day I decided to head back to Az. Just filled the tank with gas and at just over 15 miles into the trip the message center started to beep at me telling me I had a "Fuel read FTE err", the gas gauge went from full to empty, so i stopped, turned the car off and the restarted it, everything was fine until a couple of seconds later it happened again. I turned around and headed back to town, then the gauge started to work again, the message center said nothing, BUT!! the check eng light was on. In the owners manual it said that the check eng light would reset after about three complete driving cycles. Well it didnt, I ended up driving over 1100 miles with my check eng light on, now I am worried that something else might have triggered the check eng light. Any body have any good info on this Little fluke that I have encountered? :shrug:
  2. is the gas cap on tight?
  3. Yes the Gas cap was on tight, there was no possible way that the gas cap could have even caused that. It is more likley a wire harness, water in the gastank, or the actual sensor it self just went crazy for a second or two.