Fuel Regulator

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 306N/A, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. just added a 255 lph 24lb inj can i keep the stock fuel regulator ??
  2. I would get an adjustable one
  3. its already up and running just wondering if its that big of a restriction?
  4. Do you have a pressure gauge on your lines that will tell if you got a restriction
  5. I have done it without a problem
  6. Seriously, no need to change the FPR. Your stock one will work fine. Why do you need to adjust the fuel pressure to non stock 39-41 ?
  7. took almost all day for the computer to learn the new changes.. it was terrible at first thought i fouled plugs, or maybe i did something wrong.. was just the computer... runs good now :) but seriously did not realy feel that much hp gain ?
  8. What was your old set up, stock pump and stock injectors?
    And did you get a matching MAF?
  9. ya was stock maf, fuel pump. got all matching maf to 24 and fuel pump.. just got back from more riding it just keeps getting better. now i feel the difference in power, made a big difference now.. hope the computer keeps learning and making more power lol
  10. i went with bbk 75mm maf 65mm tb and cobra 24lb injectors just had
    to get the connecting clips for the cobra injectors