Fuel tank size??? How many gallons

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  1. Ok... so I'm pretty sure my guage is wrong- but just wanted to post to find out for sure.

    How many gallons does the gas tank hold? 1989 5.0 GT convertible(if that matters)

    Right now, when the gauge reads empty and the low fuel light comes on, i fill up and it only takes 10 gallons. Haynes manual says it should hold 15 gallons.

    Not quite ready to drive around with a gas can in the trunk to test it... thought I would ask here first.

  2. Ben, it should hold 15.4 gallons, though I have not run mine down that far to tell you (I have taken 12 gallons and change before).

    Good luck.
  3. yup, it has a 15.4 gallon tank
  4. Most stangs are the same way...when i fill up i usually get about 12 gallons into it when its at about 1/8 tank. dont trust the stock guages...
  5. Just play like Kramer did, and "go beyond the red line"..........
  6. i have did that and didnt run out of gas:D :knock on wood:
  7. do foxes have gas lights? the fuel capacity is 15.4. i think the tank itself is 15 and the filler neck holds the .4
  8. The GT's have a light in the GT 4 light cluster above the ignition lock cylinder. I dont know about LX's/notches.
  9. It's only for 87-89 GT's.

    But you can install the 4-guage pod in an 87-89 LX. I did, but since i have aftermarket gauges and had to pull the needle off, I am too afraid to run it down far enough to see if it will come on.
  10. I remember one day a few years ago I was real low and when I got to the gas station it took 15 something gallons. So if it takes 15.4 I was pretty much out.
  11. I never thought I'd see the day where you would say that you don't know somwthing about a Mustang
  12. There is tons I dont know, and there are folks on here who have forgotten more than I will ever know. :)

    I have to say that I kinda tinker with my own stuff and since I dont really like LX's or notches (in stock-ish form) all that much, I don't know a lot of the little stuff about them. Mike and others are the go-to people for that stuff (as he just informed me that only the non-airbag cars got the little dippy idiot-light cluster under the instrument cluster). I wouldnt have known that since my 88GT vert has it and I would have assumed all GT's had it.

    As an aside, it's kinda strange the things they drop as cars come out. From what I can tell, the 5N95's dont have a low fuel light. :shrug:
  13. 99+ do.

    It's supposed to come on with 3 gallons in the tank, but i still don't trust it. One day it came on and i headed for the gas station. Since my car was dirty i decided to hit up the car wash first since it was before my gas station on the highway.

    I must be the only person on the planet to run out of gas inside a car wash :owned:
  14. LOL - it seems like you have issues with car cleanliness and other things happening. At least this time the inside of the car wasn't ravaged. :D

    Oh sorry about the other comment. 5N95 is my made up nomenclature for the 5.0L powered SN95's. So I was just talkin 94-95's there................