Fuel & Tuning setup for upcoming 00' S/C GT Questions


Feb 22, 2019
Hey everyone,
I'm beginning the build to supercharge my 2000 GT. My goal is 380-400rwhp and just have fun with it at the track once in a while (it is not my daily driver, but I do plan to track the car).

Current mods are:

MAC Cold air kit (that's gonna be gone)
C&L trueflow intake plenum
BBK 75mm TB
Typhoon Intake Manifold
ACCEL coil on plugs
Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft
Ford Racing Shorty headers
Bassani X pipes w/ hi-flow cats
Steeda catback
King Cobra clutch
3.73's, 31 spline Moser axles, 31 spline tru-trak posi, BBK upper and lower rear control arms, extended lug studs

For the supercharger build, I've ordered the Vortech V3 non intercooled tuner kit, with a "heritage" upgrade (why have the charger if you can't hear it right??)
I have also acquired and SCT X4 Handheld tuner, and have installed an Innovate Wideband, Autometer boost gauge in a instrument cluster bezel.

For fuel, I was thinking of running Ford Racing 47 lb injectors, with a Deatschworks 340 lph direct drop in pump. I've researched that a lot have gotten away with the SVT pump, and many others were maxing it out with the same goal I have in mind. Thoughts?

As for the MAF, I was thinking of running the SCT BA-2600. It can either be run as draw-thru, or blow thru. I plan on running it as a draw-thru for now, and later converting the car (probably next year or the year after) to intercooled Air to Air, and moving the MAF to a blow-thru.

Now, my biggest concern being located on the island of Hawaii - is the tuner....there is a very reputable tuner located here, but I f'd up by not asking him before hand on what software he's used to tuning with. I spoke to his assistant, who said he'll look into it and ask the owner, and will get back to me. But if that falls thru, what are my options? Email tune and contact a resource such as Bama?

Basically really need the help on where/what/who for the fuel, MAF, and tuning support...there really aren't much people here who build SN95's (lots of imports, and lots of wicked ol' school setups...my coworker has a 69' Camaro with a LS swap for example).

Any thoughts, input, advice is greatly appreciated!
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