fuel was cutting out, now car wont start? even after fuel pump replaced?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by makoto, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. hey guys. I was driving yesterday, and my car started bogging around 3k rpm in 2 and 3rd, and even sooner in 1st. when i stepped on the gas, it felt like nothing was there, so I thought my fuel pump was cutting out for some reason.

    After parking the car, it wouldnt restart. So today I bought a BBK 190lph fuel pump, put that in (along with new fuel filter) and now it still wont start. The starter is going, it has spark (tested by cranking and watching one of the wires ground out), but just never starts. I checked the fuses, and all are fine. And I can hear the fuel pump.

    any ideas what i could be missing here?
  2. almost sounds like its flooded.Check the spark plugs and see if they are wet from the gas or check the fuel pump switch.just my 2 cents
  3. I think you should check for fuel pressure. If you dont have a guage, try pressing the schrader valve with a small screwdriver or something. Gas should squirt out, wear glasses and have a rag handy. This valve is right behind the alt on a stock setup.
  4. You'll wanna check for injector pulse too.
  5. Add a fire extinguisher to that list ;)
  6. thanks for the replies guys. The schrader valve squirted gas, so I suppose I have pressure.

    Havent checked the plugs yet due to having to work all day today. Will do so tomorrow hopefully.
  7. most likely not the problem, but if all else fails and you have a compression checker, i'd check the compression. The reason i say this is i thought my prob. was the fuel pump as well and so i replaced the pump and mine still wouldn't start either, ended up being terrible compression...so low it won't let the car start. Just an idea...
  8. Okay, an update. Replaced cap, rotor and spark plugs. Spark plugs are firing. Schrader Valve squirts gas (how much should be coming out of this?)

    Tried using starting fluid to start the car, but still wouldnt go. Made a sound like it might, but never did. How much starting fluid should I be spraying in there?

    Using Jrichkers list, it looks as if spark and fuel are okay, since there is fuel at the schrader valve, but what about the injectors? How do I check injector pulse? This could be an issue, because the #5 cylinder spark plug isnt wet after cranking. But if its fuel, why doesnt it start with the starting fluid?

    Failed IAB seems to be out, since the car still wont start with 1/4 throttle. Could it be a computer issue? How would that have happened?

    I just have no idea whats up with this thing..
  9. oh, and btw, checked the TPS, was low, so put it back up to .97 or so , which is what ive read is recommended for it. But still, no go.
  10. I had the same problem - turned out to be the coil. It had enough juice to make a spark when you pulled the wire off to test it, but not enough to fire under compression. The no start when you spray the starting fluid is the clue. A good wet shot with the starting fluid should get the motor firing if the spark is good and not way off time.
  11. This is probably a stupid suggestion, but pull the vacum line off the FPR and see if it smells like gas, when they go the gas squirts out into the vacum line. I know you have pressure, but it could be bleeding off really fast. Also if the regulator is okay, you should pull the codes with the KOEO and go from there if fuel and spark are okay. Heres a link how to do it.

  12. Thanks for the replies. Ill replace the coil.

    Also, SuperchargedB87, I pulled the vacuum line off the FPR to check for leaking gas, and no such thing. So, I believe thats okay.

    Pulled codes with KOEO, and only got 21 and 24, which im sure is because the car wasnt warmed up. I love how they say to bring the car to operating temperature, then pull the codes. If only I could do that :)

    Ill get back to you guys though. Thanks again..
  13. Okay, got her running today. Jrichker was correct. Coil was bad. Gave spark and all indications of working, but just wasnt enough I suppose.

    Thanks for the help.