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  1. Just bought a 87 gt my Fuel gauge is way off It read only a 1/4 tank full put 5 dollars in and it reads full to the max and then fluxiate's up and down. :jaw: ????Where should i begin?????
  2. ok you if you think either the gauge or sending unit arent working properly then do this:

    unplug the connector in the tank going to the sending unit, check your fuel gauge, it should read empty since it has infinite resistance (an open in the circuit.) Then using a jumper wire, ground out the sending unit, your gauge should read full since there is very low resistance and no open in the circuit. That will tell you if your actually gauge is working properly. if the needle swings both ways then most likely its your sending unit, which it is like 99 percent of the time. oh and by the way it may be your float too, who knows. just posting some helpful info. good luck