full aftermarket Fox body instrument clusters ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by MUSTHAVE302, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. hmm....good question....now that i think about it....it would be all screwed up....unless they already thought about that and put an extra gear in there or something to match the stock speedometer
  2. Anyone with that information please tell me
  3. The speedo is a 1:1 ratio, so it works, just a matter of adapting it to the Autometer end. My Florida 5.0 kit came with the adapter.
  4. awesome...thanks man...i was thinkin about getting one from florida resto so i wouldnt have to put all the gauges in myself and get the painless wiring harness...they just dont have a price for the gauge set that i want, guess ill have to call
  5. I've got a question I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere. What do the Autometer guages look like in the dark? I perticularly interested in the Phantom and Pro-Comp guages.

    And on anodizing that aluminium, plate: I've been working with a lot of aluminium parts lately and I'd probably just give it a light sand blasting and then anodize it, and then seal the anodization but not dye it. This will keep the glare down but still look sweet and won't oxidize. The nice thing about anodizing is that it creates a structured, protective coating of oxidation that is 4x stronger. =]