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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Na5.0HO, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. OK, so I know u guys love predicting the future and I am curious for a hint of what my upcomming mods might produce.
    I currently have:
    Underdrive pullies
    1.6 RR
    AC / Smog deletes
    Stock 2.73 gears
    Full exhaust (flowtech shorties, offroad H, Flowmaster 40s dumped)

    Now the fun stuff.. my recent mods to come consist of:
    Mass air conversion (here and ready to replace my SD)
    FMS E303 cam
    4:10 gear
    Steeda Tri - Ax short throw (just to get rid of that freakin long neck!)

    I currently ran 14.7 @ 95 in the 1/4 but that was with little traction and I was still new to her
    So if neone has any imput on any gains I will hopefully see I will be glad to hear em... THANX
  2. Any advice at all such as a good / cheap intake or heads will be greatly appreciated... I'm goin with the E303 and 4.10 cause i hear they work well togehter so that's up for input too... THANX
  3. 4.10's are awesome but your gonna have more traction promblems.

    I say get some nittos, subframes, and some lower control arms.

    Is your car a convertable? what year?
  4. It's an 88 GT so it's a hard top and which is why i;m doin the Mass Air conversion...and money is a pretty big factor since I'm a college student
  5. that e303 cam doesnt come with any built in advance, so you'll need to use an adj timing set and install it 4 deg advanced or it will be a dog. your next purchase should be serious tires meant for drags or your just gonna spin those tires.
  6. I'm planning on the timing chain w/ the cam... and the slicks will come shortly after the gear... Question though... will I have any problems with stock untouched heads and intake??
  7. my opinion is u hopped on the wrong route.u shoulda stuck with gears then aftermarket/ported intake, then the mass air, TB etc etc...then onto cam and stuff..but thats just my .02
  8. Yeah, I agree with this. If you don't have that E303 yet, don't bother. Without a much better set of heads and intake, it's not gonna give you back what you want from it. I'd go with those gears and then since money is an issue, do a home porting job on your stock heads and intake. You'll notice a difference with just the porting on the heads and intake, but with the gears, that'll make a huge difference.

  9. Na5.0HO What do you want for your S/D harness and computer?
  10. First, Crazyquik50... you can have the computer (5 speed) and harness for 100 bucks + shipping... let me know
    Second, I would like to know more about this porting that can SUPPOSEDLY be done by anyone... Any info is appreciated... THANX
  11. I'm porting my stock heads for practise and then I will port a set of GT 40s. Here is an excellent website,

    Also I'm using a book call "The Mustang Performance Handbook by William Mathis". This has a very good, step by step section on porting plus cams, intakes suspension. power adders etc... It really covers a ton of 5.0L performance upgrades.
  12. Thanx for the info. I'm sure there are other people out there in a similar financial situation as myself so if anyone else has info on self porting... let them rip
    Is it true that since the stock upper flows so much better than the lower, that you only need to port the lower??
  13. Yes, it's true the upper flows pretty good, the lower is fairly restrictive but it's the heads that are the bottle neck. Just type "porting E7 heads" in Google and you'll get a lot of info. I filled two note books full of porting reference material from the internet.There are lots of flow charts to compare stock heads against everything else out there including ported E7s.

    Information is the best tool, formulate a plan for abuild up, and do it one piece at a time.
  14. OK, so after carefully reviewing this thread I *think* I found a good combo for myself..
    1) Port the stock E7s
    2) Cobra intake
    3) FMS E303 Cam
    4) 4.10 gear
    Anymore input...?
  15. That's a good combo add new springs to match your cam and rockers. If you can get a good shifter and clutch, subframes and M/T ET Streets you'd be solid!

    My only concern is your Speed Density, I've heard that SD does not do well with mods involving fuel/air, cams, heads, intakes etc... Maybe someone on this forum can give you some specifics.

    I'm going with:

    Ported Explorer GT 40 heads
    Explorer upper & lower Intake
    Crane 2040(E303) cam
    Modified Explorer 65mm Throttle Body and some sort of larger MAF

    I went 13.72 @ 99.00 with a bone stock 89 EFI 5.0L JBA 1 5/8 shorties headers, Bassani 2 1/2 x-pipe/catback, 8.8 with an auburn locker/3.73s, Centerforce II and a Steeda Tri-ax shifter.

    So I think I will go 12.90s or better, you should be able to get to 13.00s at least.
  16. Looks like a good setup Capri. I'm actually in the process of doing a Mass Air conversion so hopefully I will be set. I too was going to go with the explorer heads and intake but it's a lil pricey for me, plus I recently got new headers and dont want to have to swap again. Good luck breachin 12's!!