Fun Ford Weekend-Etown...whose goin?

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  1. whose goin to FFW at etown this weekend??? ill be there on saturday with my buddy....too bad my cars broken :(
  2. i might head down with killer on sat.
  3. FOR SERIOUS??? SWEET!!!! ill come see you showin??
  4. cant....need to work for money for the turbo :notnice:
  5. you better ****in be there doofus......i dont care about your turbo :p

    jk.....i hear you man :cheers:
  6. I may be there with my parents and my wife. (Troy, I don't know if we'll have room for you as we are taking my dad's truck in case we find any motor/body parts we want.) I'll let you know though.

    Michael- if I come I will be there on saturday only and will be just coming to watch and look for some parts for my car. We will not be bringing any of our stangs though unfortunately.
  7. What events are going on and what days is it. I'm too lazy to look up the web site. Maybe I'll make an appearance in my slow hooptie.
  8. Paul- sall good man i wont have my car either which sux a whole lotta lol but ill look for you me a favor man and wear a bright yellow shirt LOL then maybe ill recognize you....with my luck everyone is gonna wear a yellow shirt that day......

    Manhandle- its this weekend on fri, sat, and sun.....fri is some ford vs. chevy street challenge, saturday is a huge car show, racing, and venders from all teh major companies plus private sellers, and sunday will be similar to saturday, but the racing will be final eliminations and all that fun stuff....should prove to be a great weekend. :flag:
  9. I'm most likely going on saturday. My friends running true street and I wanna watch. My cars motor and tranny'less so it won't be there.
  10. haha my car is bumperless, fenderless, and hoodless right now along with a few other things.....i cant wait to see some of those pro 5.0 cars :D
  11. Nope, I want to but I think I'm going to start tearing the car apart I just got off the crutches and down to a cane now. I am going to try to make it down there for the nationals in june though.
  12. I went last weekend in ST Louis. I am still sunburnt and broke. But I had Fun!!!!!!!!! :D
  13. awesome i have to find another ride there cause my friend who was gonna go with me is possibly going with like 5 girls to the beach......i dont blame him for missing FFW i guess :p but i hope to still get there sat if not sunday :cheers:
  14. I will not be there now.
  15. awwwwwwwww dammit :nonono:
  16. I just have too many things to do around the house and with the car (I want to yank the shortblock and tranny this weekend). I WILL be at Carlisle and the NMRA event held at Maple Grove (without the car of coarse) though.
  17. yeah you guys have fun maybe next year and i'll take the car then too.
  18. Yeah right Troy, only if there is ZERO chance of rain! LOL!
  19. you guys gonna come on a regular sunday race day some time??? i think that'd be there pretty frequently over the summer with my dad :nice: