Fun Ford Weekend-Etown...whose goin?

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  1. I doubt it since its a 5hr drive one way. We may try and come out for fords at E-town in Oct if the cars are all together and the weather is OK.
  2. that sounds cool man....i hear what your saying about the driving, and good weather.....i drove down to cecil with my dad about a year ago, and we drove the 4 hours down, and 10 minutes after we pulled in the gates, and got the car off the trailor, it started to POUR like i've never seen rain before.....
  3. What time is everybody going/meeting up tomorrow? We are allowed to register our cars at the gate right? Does anyone know how much it costs to register for the show?
  4. it suppose to rain all weekend,just like it's raining now. so i guess no one will miss anything.
  5. You are 4hrs from Cecil? Hell, that's how long it takes me to get there. I would have thought you were closer than that. So which is faster in your opinion, cecil or E-town. I know E-town is a much grander facility, but my money is on cecil being the quickest.
  6. yea the deal with cecil is that about 2/3 the way down the track, it actually starts to VERY GRADUALLY slope down....its been mentioned by many guys that go down far as im concerned, etown is a better for me and my dad beause its 50 min away, and the track is always prepped great.......the only reason we went to cecil was because my dad's good friend ed is on teh etown track team for teh "heavy" class every year just about, and he said it was a great track, so we went down there to give it a try.......also i think i exaggerated before because cecil was only like 3hrs 15 min from us...something like that......
  7. well i went today to etown for the FFW and it was pretty amazing....i thought the coolest thing was the true street competition where they have to take a 30 ile drive and then make three qualifying passes.....pretty neat ****....anyways i wanted to get pics, but my brothers camera was outta batteries which really pissed me off, but my buddy had his vid cam, so we got a lot of car show and pits footage, and some goofy "street racing" footage after the event.....stay tuned..........btw who else went today?? i know i saw manozozz (sp) there today....he was the only one i recognized from stangnet..........
  8. I was there in my big and bad Saturn :D My friend ran true street in his supercharged notch. I think I saw mansonozz's car too in the car show section.
  9. what color was his notch?? i thought true street was so cool.....also did u stay for the pro 5.0?? i left at like 3:30 or so because they said it was gonna take an hour to clean teh track, and my buddy wanted to leave and he was driving...... :(
  10. His notch was bluish/green with prostars. I stayed for pro 50 and I left the track about 7. I didn't wanna leave late afternoon because I was trying to avoid sitting in traffic on the way home especially through staten island and brooklyn. Of course I did end up hitting traffic :D

    You missed an insane yellow sn95 style car. I think big daddy was driving it. It didn't come out of the hole that hard but like 1/2 track he must have went full throttle and that thing was moving! 176mph trap speed :eek:
  11. k

    a few of my friends are going but im not dont have the time
  12. im SOO pissed that i had to leave.....i really shoulds stayed since i payed ****in 25 bucks to get in....yea i think it was teh C&L car your talkin about right? cause he didnt have the notch there yesterday.........if only........

    by the way i DID see your friends notch...i made a comment to my friend about how nice the color was....its like a dark teal color rite??
  13. sounds like fun :p yea thats teh car i was talking about....beautiful color.......and also, you see the red and silver gt next to him??? i ALMOST bought that car when i was looking last summer, but it was carb and i wasnt sure if thats what i wanted.......i should have had brand new paint, brand new longtubes, hpipe, flows, new welds and tires and a few other goodies that were new, otherwise it was just a stock 302 with an edelbrock carb intake manifold, b cam, and all teh bolt that i think of it, i shoudl ahve bought that was worth sooo much more than he was asking.....4k :mad: oh well now i got a 2 colored wreck :nonono:
  14. That GT is a really nice car. I was told its a 347.
  15. YEA I MISSED OUT!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  16. How the heck could you miss my car? LOL :)

    I met a ton of people I lost track of who was who. I remember macnblackstang, underpressureGT (joe) and raceaholic, but no idea on the others :(
  17. Alright, who will be at Carlisle and Maple Grove in June? I'll be at both, but I see no way that I'll have my car at either one. :(
  18. I'll be at the Grove. I wanted to go to Carlisle this year instead, but 5.0 beckons me and that was a very easy decision to make - lol ;)
  19. i didnt miss your car man....i was talkin to you aobut your wheel spacers and how your wheels looked with the 5 lug conversion......