Fun Little Video of My Stang!

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    Jose came by Wed to help me look around under the car for the source of the oil drops on the ground. After, I washed the car, and Jose decided to take a quick pic of the car going around the corner (moreso to get an idea of the sound)

    ENJOY (thanks to Paul for hosting the video for me :hail2: )
  2. Don't drive nuts around the hoopty. Six pounds of rust fell off when you drove by it.
  3. [​IMG]

    Joe, most guys dont know what youre referring to:

    It's Jose's Mustang with the camaro Body kit! :rlaugh:
  4. Cool little video. Your car sounds great :)
  5. sounds good. but did you really have to make the vid that small. i need more!!!!! :hail2: post more man
  6. has jose even driven his car since the blower went in?
  7. Rog,
    The Air entry nozzel to the Vortech broke off. He just got the new piece from Vortech and put it on Thursday. He said that he got everything hooked up and ran the car for a few minutes and saw no probs or leaks.

    He still has the 19# injectors on it tho. He is going to run it tonight down to Towers to check out the driveability, but not "get on it" until the 42's go on.

    BTW, if youre not working, give me a call to go to Towers.

  8. Your car sounds nice, and looks great driving!! I like the lower stance from the body kit. Do you have cats on your X pipe? Also do you experience any of the "rattling" noises some people complain of when an X pipe is paired with chambered mufflers?
  9. driving that car with 19lb injectors is a recipe for disaster. i thought he was getting the 42's last month. anyway, i work tonight from 6-11, so count me out for tower's.
  10. I just saw the post now!

    Vib- I even laughed at that one!! That was great!!LOL

    Roger- Like Rob said, I broke the damn oil feed nozzle on the vortech reinstalling it, and I had to wait for another to get here. I already have the 42's and the MAF. The very first time I started the car it already had those parts on it. But since it sounded weird and I switched it out for the stock parts. I am being very careful with it. I barely get into boost. Ill probably be getting the tweecer next week and then the 42's go in.
  11. Waaaaaaaaaay to short. Very mean sounding stang! I love the look of the tri bars. To bad im a cheap ass and your not willing to ship them :rolleyes: :D Please tell me that theres more videos coming in the future....

  12. nice vid RC, your pony sounds pretty mean.
  13. Awsome vid. :bang:
    We need longer vids then that come on. Howabout one on the inside looking at the boost guage. Those are always coool when ripping through the gears. :D

  14. ^ i was just about to suggest that...

    awesome sounding, had my stang shaking in its wheels after hearing it...
  15. How is that vid awesome? The quality was terrible.. Make a higher quality and longer video
  16. Shut up :nice:
  17. Turn you smilies on. :nonono:
  18. I havent been back to this post for a whole day..Sorry.

    1. 3 chamber flows with magnaflow X
    2. No problems with that combo.
    3. Vid is short because it was a "spur of the moment" thing, and Jose clicked the "on" too late (I was revving high right before the vid actually started filming)
    4. I think the "awesome" that guys are referring to is more of the sound and the fact that nobody has seen my car move, just pics.. I dont think they were referring to the quality when they said "awesome"
    5. I couldnt get on it too much, because of the location.
    Thanks Guys, it's pretty neat listening to your own car. Next time Jose is with me and we are IN the car, Ill take a shot of the boost gauge.