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  1. I have 2 aircraft 3 position toggle switches... one switch will be used for interior led foot well lights. The up position will turn the LEDs on. The down position will allow the LEDs to illuminate with the interior lights when the doors open... What do I do with the second switch? Something fun. I want to put the switches in a visible location, and I have some cool red safety covers too... they're gonna be there for looks obviously... I was thinking of using the second switch to disable the key from cranking the starter, either through the clutch pedal switch or through the green wire off the key ignition switch.... but that might get pretty annoying, since my car is my summer DD...What fun stuff can i do with the second switch?Good visually appealing mounting locations? The cars in storage, so I can't sit there and look ATM...
  2. depends on how tech savvy you are. a switch, a car, and an Arduino make for an interesting time.
  3. I don't even own a computer...
  4. You can always use it as a battery kill switch anti-theft tool.
  5. Battery kill switch would reset my radio presets and all... In was thinking of an ignition kill switch, or fuel pimp kill switch, but that would get alloying after a week... I had a fuel pump kill switch on my last winter beater as a ghetto rig fix for a battery drain due to the fuel pumps, it was rather stupid to have to switch it every time... I voted kill switch out...
  6. Use it to switch tunes, perhaps? Would be nice to have an on board tuner and flip a switch to go from a gas saving street tune to a performance tune.
  7. Is that possible?
  8. Well, seeing as though a tune is nothing more than instructions to the ECM, yea, its possible. It'll likely take more than plug and play options readily available, but it might be a fun project to research.
  9. For something pure fun...exhaust cut-outs:nice:
  10. It's the same concept as the race tune key for the Boss 302, only with a mechanical switch instead. Great idea, TheShabz!
  11. Frankly, I'm surprised the tuning companies haven't made this standard yet. I'm yet to use one, but I would think the time lag in uploading a new tune to the ECM takes time and is pretty much a hassle. If a tuner would just hold multiple copies of the full ECM instructions, each with a different tune, then it's merely a matter of pointing to the right one, instead of overwriting.
  12. Another idea, though not very practical for a Mustang. An old acquaintance of mine had a train horn mounted to his F-150 and a switch that changed the horn from the stock to the train horn with the big compressor. Mild for regular use but he could flip the switch and let people know their attention was required.
  13. My first thought was cut-outs. Not exactly cheap, but they're so awesome.
  14. If an automatic can be quickly put into sport mode, which alters a few parameters, surely it can be done.
  15. ^I think tuning companies are probably restricted by the manufacturers, here. With most OBDII tuners, you have to shut off the car and restart it. If the ECU needs a reset to switch the maps, there's only so much tuners can do while it's running.
  16. I think they sport mode in an auto can be taken advantage of with a double tune. Anyone know what parameters are changed when you go from D to S? If I can have a street tune while in D and a performance tune while in S, that would be awesome.