1. Okay, this is a funny/stupid story that I think some people would shake their heads at.

    Anyways I was driving home from school today in my mustang doing 45 and I was cruising along with my friend. Up ahead in the road I noticed that there was a bunch of gravel (I guess to cover a pothole from the ice) but anyways I couldn't really get around it so I hit that patch, HARD, and felt a huge jolt from the car and I thought I just hit a pothole hard, but my friend turned around and looked down the road and said "oh ***** man, your front bumper (from a cheap body kit that was bought with the car) just fell off and you ran over it!" I looked back and sure enough white pieces of fiberglass were all over the road and flying up in the air! I felt pretty stupid knowing I just drilled two new holes and screwed it back in place two days ago :bang: , so I pulled over and looked at the damage; half of the front bumper was missing and all we could both do was laugh at the stupid incident :rolleyes:

    So now my car is minus the chin bumper and I actually think it looks better now (lighter too), hopefully I didn't do any damage to the alignment or anything else underneath, I'll find out tomorrow when I can get it on the lift.
  2. AWSOME, its like your car knew it was over weight and wanted to go on a diet! :p I had something like that happen, thought not exaclty. I was driving with my friend and we just just cruiz'n, and all the sudden my car started vibrating and make some killer deep noise (like running a v8 with dumps and no cats) from the exhuast, at first i was like WTH! , car was running fine so we just kept going, i started to like the sound, made my car sound pretty wicked, sure enough about 2 miles up the road i hear this "clink clink scrape , tap tap" and i look back there is a piece of metal in the middle of the road...i again was like WTH! (H=heck)...so to this day im not sure what that was that came off, or how it cause my car to vibrate and sound wicked, my theory is that it was a debre gaurd on the cat, somehow got lodged between the body andthe ehxuast system, causing hte vibrating ....not a clue why it sounded so good :scratch: anyways, its always interesting when things fall off yoru car while driving :nice:
  3. Haha, wow...thought I was the only one. Ha, that really made me laugh woodster, thanks, feels good not to be alone in here
  4. Back in the day when I had my Sentra and was into the "Rice" noise, I was driving along and heard a thump come from the engine and I saw a plastic hose fall out behind my car and my car started making this louder pitch sound like one of those zoom tubes. I was like "cool" but I pulled over got out and picked it up and sure enough, not a week before, I had changed my air filter on the carb, and had forgotten to put the screw back in to the plastic air line, and I was then holding it in my hands. I kept it off for a while but then put it back on when my gas milage started dropping. :notnice:
  6. :rlaugh: NICE! lol, somethings you just hafta stop and laugh at! :D
  7. I got one, about 12 years ago I had a piece of JUNK '82 Pontiac J2000 (sunbird) 4 door, 4 banger, auto. My girlfriend (now wife) has this ultra clean LX we don't drive much to keep mileage low. So we're going for a daytrip about 200 miles away in my car. On the way back, I talk her into driving (this took 100 miles). I didn't need her to drive, just trying to get her to break the "scared of new things" personality she has.
    We trade places, she get's up to about 65 mph, and has only gone about 2 miles, an empty refrigerator box flies off the back of a truck, she hit's it dead on. (VERY VERY HILARIOUS!) SMASH! We're all over the road, finally the box sucks under and we bounce over it. She's freaking out, I'm laughing my head off in the passenger seat. She pulls over. All my lights are busted out of the front and the front end is tweaked and the truck never even slowed.
    So, we're standing in front of the car on the side of the highway, I'm still laughing, she's still shaking, and finally she cracks the faintest smile so I figure it's safe to take off again. I draft a semi all the way back in the dark 'cause I can't see anything.
    Those were the day's! I loved that piece of junk because WHO CARES!
  8. I have a couple I guess.

    When I was a senior in high school, for awhile I had to drive my dad's POS '88 Reliant. That thing was a heap, my dad drove it for half the winter and parked it when he got a new van so the whole underside was rusted, and the paint was all oxidized off (gotta love those chrysler paint jobs). I was driving that car one day while looking at other cars, start coming down a hill toward stopped traffic...I hit the brakes and the pedal goes to the floor. I about **** myself. Turns out one of the rear brake lines had rusted in half :rolleyes: Also I was driving it on a gravel road once and hit some washboard and heard a "clang clang" and looked in the rearview mirror to see the very end of the tailpipe bouncing down the road after me.

    That car had so many holes in the muffler, it sounded like a small plane taking off.

    Oh yeah, over the summer my dad was going to work and a desk fell off a truck on the highway and he hit it. Messed up his van pretty good.
  9. Bites for the van ! but good thing he wasnt in the reliant when hit that desk, the picture of a baseball bat blowing through wet toilet paper comes to mind! lol, in some ways the bad things are a blessing :)