Funny turbo story.

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  1. This was from a couple weeks ago but I've busy and forgot to post it then.

    Here's a little background on the person. He came to the store a while back talking about his "non streetable race-car" to my buddy ken. Ken is running in the 10's all-motor with a 3100 69 camaro an dthis boy runs high 15's with a "built" mustang.

    A few weeks ago Amanda's brother (idiot) came into to Autozone and was telling me how he turboed his 5.slow using a turbo off the trash truck he rides on every morning. He hooked the cold side to the MAF and a peice of hose up to the T-body. He hooked nothing to the exhaust side to spin. I qoute "Hell them turbos don't do anything I revved it to the Rev limiter and it didn't even turn. It didn't run right and it felt slow."

    Its still the funniest thing ever heard somebody say, trying to seem intelligent.
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    What do you all have in the water out there?
  3. Speaking of stupid turbo ideas. You should try to get the turbo from him. I bet it a monster if it's off a garbage truck. Hook it to the compressor outlet of a T-3 the run the exhaust and compressor outlets of the garbage truck turbo into an IC. :D
  4. I'm assuming since they changed it off the truck, thats its bad.
  5. oh yeah, i saw a red early 90's eclipse with "import racing" accross the front was parked in the street, and his all black driver side rim(with tire still on it) was about 100 yards down the road rolling away. It was bewildering at first, and then unbelieveably funny when i figured out where that rim and tire came from....lug nutts, gotta have em. It did ride pretty low...on that front rotor ;)
  6. I didn't know they made an 8" drop for that.
  7. if my brother could be any dumber :rlaugh: