Fusible Link Replacement

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  1. Need to replace a 20ga fusible link in my harness....thank you, mr packrat. I would like to go with a slow-blow fuse, but which one? ...or should I just replace the 20ga link?

  2. Just replace the 20ga fuse link. What blew? I can only think of one fuse link on the passenger side of the car. That color just doesnt ring a bell. I think its for the 02's though.
  3. The fuse link in question is for the O2 sensor heaters which assist getting the O2 sensors up to operating temperature on cold startup. It is important that they work properly, so replace the fuse link with the proper size & color fuse link. Solder the connections and use shrink tubing to cover the solder joints. DO NOT use crimp splices!
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  4. Copy that, jrich. Thanks gentlemen!