Future 5.0 Owner! Advice More Than Welcome.

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  1. Well I've always wanted a mustang, and I finally have a deal on my hands I CANNOT pass up. 1995 GT 5 speed. Midnight blue in color. Has a newer 01 (I think) read end. Right around 100k mileage. It's as close to a steal as you can get. I have an old 1987 Toyota supra that is torn apart, and selling that or what little it's worth will give me over half what I'll pay for the stang. I only have 2 pictures of it. But it's completely rust free and runs and drives great.
    Let me know what you think. Also any advice and pointers on what to watch for on these old ponys is always appreciated!
  2. climb under the car and inspect for rust and oil leaks. Auto or manual? Check all the electronics inside the car. Every SN I have seen with aftermarket alarms and what not was prone to gremlins. start the car, it should have a steady idle around 750. If its smoking, has a surging idle or is missing then the engine will need some work ( how much depends on what its doing) All in all these are super easy cars to work on.
  3. Run a carfax before you buy any car. You can also run the codes and see if anything pops up.
  4. Climb underneath and check for oil leaks around the rear main seal and oil pan.
  5. I think he made up his mind- the thread is from 2013. :lol:
  6. Yup the car is already out of my hands and sold! In the market for an 05-09 GT now.