FYI Found the Airbag code clearing plug

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Methodical, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. is this the same for fox bodies? my 90lx has flashed the airbag light since I bought it, 10 years ago!
  2. fox bodies had a different link...that one worked this morning and now it doesn't :(
  3. Talk about the kiss of death. That link is now dead. :mad:

  4. Well, hopefully they fix it soon....this is on the main site if you try to load Online

    "Our sincere apologies for the disruption to your site. We have suffered a major hardware failure. Please contact us at [email protected] for more for more information. Thank you.

    Please accept our apologies for lateness of our responses to your urgent requests. We have all staff on hand but due to the enormity of the task we face, we are having difficulty replying in a reasonable time frame.

    We are doing everything we can to get you back online and won't rest until we do so.

    We have made significant progress through the night but still have many accounts to bring back online.

    We are answering each and every email but we are, understandably, receiving hundreds every hour. Again our sincere apologies for the major problems caused by this hardware failure.

    We are continuing nonstop to bring accounts back online and have restored 70% of all account databases, the remainding databases will be online within the next few hours.

    This is of course taking an inordinate amount of time and if you simply want an empty account put back online with access to your databases, so that you can start uploading your files, please contact [email protected] with the email subject: 'default account settings' and please provide your domain name in the email.

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    Again, we won't rest until every account is online. Our sincere apologies."
  5. Joe, whose site it is, is a member here. I'm pretty sure he knows something is amiss.
  6. Can someone tell me who Chris is and/or point me in the direction of those pics? I've been searching everywhere for them.
  7. That post is from 2005...
  8. Yes, I realized that. Nonetheless, I would like to see the pics that Chris posted. All I need to know is what Chris' username is so that I can search for them. If he posted them on this forum, I would imagine they are still here. Somewhere.... :shrug:
  9. Google is your friend

    Second link...

  10. Adam to the rescue. :)
  11. That was hilarious!!!! Thank you soo much. I was searching this forum... never thought to try google. lololol
  12. Adam thanks for posting a picture of that infamous plug. I hope I never ever have to use it again though.:nice:
  13. Wow, this was convenient. My light has been flashing for a couple weeks, but not anymore. I always wondered what that plug was for. :)
  14. Glad it worked out for you

  15. Yea im sure ill have a bunch to clear as well considering it hasnt had a battery hooked up in months and all sensors were disconnected at one point. :rolleyes:
  16. A rebuild?

  17. FYI noticed the image went down again... I had to clear my codes so i snapped another... :nice: