FYI: Line loc -- just buy Summit

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  1. Save yourself $20. The Hurst branded Roll Control is $109.95 at Summit. The Summit branded one is $89.95. Is it just *maybe* possible that they are the same thing? They didn't even try to make the packaging look different... too funny...


  2. If I did feel adventurous this winter and decided to buy a H/C/I package, I was going to buy a line lock. I actually looked at them about 3 days ago. Good to know :hail2:.

  3. Summit line lock question

    Any issues or special installation instructions for a 94GT w/ABS? Do you need two of them? What's the Summit part number, i can't quite read it on the picture.
  4. I haven't installed it yet (this is my Christmas present :D), but I've been doing some research. On a 94+, it's actually a very straightforward installation. You only need one solenoid, and you could do just fine with a simpler (read: less expensive) one that only has an input and output line. One side hooks to the input from the master cylinder, the other to the ABS module. The Hurst/Summit line-loc has three outputs, which means you just cap two of them off. The Biondo unit for $40 would work just as well, you'd have to get a switch separately is all.

    The line-loc also uses standard size fittings from what I understand, while our brake lines use metric, so you have to do some converting. No biggie, parts available from the nearest hardware store.

    The Summit line-lock is SUM-760000. The Biondo unit is SBR-LL. The Hurst, if you have to have the brand name, is HUU-1745000.

  5. Going all out this spring Dave? I smell 12's....

  6. I don't know if I'm going to go all-out, but I'm definitely going to make some changes, starting with traction. Ideally I'd like to do 31s axles & diff, TKO or G-Force tranny, and slicks. But that's around $3000 in parts :eek:.

    But oh what fun it would be to drop the clutch at 6000...

  7. What exactly does a line- loc do? Ive heard the term but could never figure out what it was.
  8. You push a button and it locks up the front brakes so you can drop the clutch and heat up your tires (slicks or drag radials). That's a very basic explanation.

  9. Dave is the Biondo available at Summitt as well? I kinda screwed up a brake pad or calipur during my last burnout contest. Even though I have an auto a line lock would sure have been nice.

    Oh and what type of switch is used? Rocker toggle or momentary type switch??
  10. A line lock is basically a valve that interrupts the flow of brake fluid in the brake line that operates the front brakes. So you hold the brake down, push the button, and then release the brakes. The pressure to the front brakes will remain until you release the button, keeping them locked up and allowing you to hold the car steady while heating the rear tires in the waterbox.

    There are other uses as well. For daily driving you can use it as a hill holder to keep from rolling back at a steep intersection (same as using the hand brake, just easier).

  11. Yep, part# is SBR-LL.

    It's a momentary switch.

  12. Thanks Dave... One last question... do you have to HOLD the momentary switch the whole time? Or do you just press it once to lock and press it again to release the brake fluid?

    The reason I'm asking is I already have a momentary switch in the stang in my ashtray switches. Would be a nice way to hook it up if I didn't have to hold it.
  13. you press it until you want it to release pressure...its just a simple solenoid, kinda like a nitrous one but it holds hydraulic fluid
  14. Okay... thanks for the info. I just wanted to be clear on the momentary part. As my Remote Bottle opener is momentary but 2 way.
  15. sounds interesting. I think ill get one further down the road. Thanks guys
  16. Dave be sure to let us know how the install goes and what you think of them afterwards! :nice:
  17. I found that Hurst makes an adapter kit, part #567-1516 (Summit #HUU-5671516) for use with 83-98 Mustang w/o ABS and 96-99 w/ ABS (exc. Bosch ABS). I wondered why not 94-95 w/ ABS, so I emailed Hurst (Mr. Gasket) a tech question:

    I am looking to use your roll control (part #1745000)in my ABS equipped 94 Mustang GT. I see that you sell an adapter kit (part #5671516) for use with 83-98 Mustang w/o ABS and 96-99 w/ ABS (exc. Bosch ABS). Is there a particular reason that 94-95 w/ ABS was excluded from this? Does 94-95 use the Bosch ABS and this is why it's excluded? How does the Bosch ABS prevent use with your products? Can I use these 2 parts to install a roll control on my 94 w/ ABS like the instructions for the 5671516 describe for the 96-99 w/ABS? Do you have alternate instructions?


    The response I got is:

    "Sir, the '94-'95 Mustangs use the Bosch ABS systems for braking. The reason that it is not compatable is each caliper has its own line and there is also a conflict with the computer for the ABS and the Roll Control. If by some slim chance you were lucky enough to get an early '94 or very late '95 it might not have the Bosch system in which case you can just follow the listed instructions for the 567-1516 installation kit."

    Does anyone have any experience with actually installing a line lock on our cars!?

  18. What is the easiest way to tell if we have the Bosch or not?
  19. I'm not totally certain, but I think the Bosche Unit says Bosche on the Top of the ABS valve unit, located on the lower passanger side, next to the radiator...