Fyi.. Maximum Motorsports Deals Of The Day!

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  1. Just thought I'd let you guys know MM is having a Deal of the Day every day in November. I just saved 20% ($50 bucks!) on a set of chrome CC plates for my 90 Vert!


    They are rotating deals and I've seen SFC, shocks, Strut tower braces, and other MM parts.

    MM makes IMO the best suspension parts out there and saving 20% means more money to buy more stuff.:jester:

    crap... please move to talk.
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  2. That's a nice discount on the panhard bar.
  3. Thanks for the heads up I need some subframe connectors!
  4. They had them 3 days ago... they should come around again.
  5. yeah i need to know when SFCs go back on.
  6. Do they do this ever November? Or is this something new? That k-member price was tempting yesterday.
  7. The full length sub frame connectors are on sale today 20% off
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  8. Bilstein shocks today 10% off
  9. can I get a 2015 stang for 20% off please
  10. Need them to put up the springs so I can complete the suspension.

    HR51654 .... hint hint Jack :rolleyes: