FYI: Reposting Discount Codes = Bad = Coupon Deleted = New Coupon Code

Discussion in 'Vendor Sponsor Forums' started by AMNick, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Well, here we are again. Someone decided to "do everyone a favor" and publically post our StangNet discount code on As you guessed it. This code is being deleted.

    I will create a new code this time...but PLEASE do not post any discount/coupon codes anywhere else on the internet. They are meant to be for this forum only. Failure to follow this rule will result in the code being deleted permanently.

    Do not ruin this special savings for your fellow StangNet members.

    If you require the new code, please PM me (AMNick) and I will provide it for any active member with over 50 post count who's user account is in good standing. Please do not share the new code among yourselves or with any non-StangNet member. The only way to get the code is to PM me.


    AMNick :flag:
  2. Wanted to bring this one back to the top.

    Please don't distribute discount codes, including those from competitive forums, as they undermine the sponsors who extend them to us as a courtesy. Thanks!
  3. And it happened again...:mad: The code had to be disabled this morning. I should hopefully have a new code up and running in the near future.