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  1. Does anyone on here now if the Gforce 5speed is a good trani? I have 450 rwhp and was thinking about one , thanks
  2. You'll get mixed reviews you'll get guys that will say that the g force still breaks third gear no matter what you do to the gears it's the case that flex under high load and torques the case itself and shears third gear what all and what not but no I have not owned one but did a fair amount of research on both the g5 and a5
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  3. Don't waste your money on a T5 in any form. Everybody talks about super T5's from various vendors and how they are supposed to be so good and hold up under all sorts of driving. The trouble is they usually don't own one. You never hear from anyone that has a super T5 that they have driven for 10,000-20,000 miles or more and not had problems. The T5’s problem of the case spreading so the gears engage only at the gear tooth tips is still present. That causes them to fail anyway, even with the stronger gear material.

    I have a Tremec 3550, the little brother to the TKO 500/600, that I have driven for more than 12 years. It still shifts fast, and smooth, I never lift off the throttle to shift and it never complains or gives me problems. As long as you run the correct lubricant and the right amount of it, they are almost bulletproof.

    Want a real world answer from all comers? See http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/best-high-po-tranny.874682/
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  4. I have a G-Force T5 rated to 500ft lbs. It shifts great, and is much lighter than a TKO. That being said, no, its not as strong as a TKO. I ended up with the G-Force because I got a good deal on it. If money was not a problem, I would get the Astro A5 for my application. If it was going to be a big cubic inch Windsor, I would go with a TKO, no question about it. I am not pushing the limits of my G-Force at my power level, but I believe you would be right at its realm with 450rwhp.

    As far as the T5 can't hold the power theory, I'm not totally sold. Its about like a stock block, some break and some don't. My father-n-law has put hundreds of passes through a straight cut G-Force geared T5. 570fwhp, 6500rpm clutch dumps with a Spec Stage III clutch. The trans has never even been freshened up. But, this is not a street transmission and is really not in the same class. I just mentioned it because it still utilizes a stock T5 case.

  5. New vs New, it's an easy choice, you go with the TKO.
    In a trans swap there isn't enough savings to justify using a t5 based transmission.

    I agree with jricker, i've never seen anything t5 related last under abuse and hard street driving.

    All the solutions are expensive new whether it be Gforce, astro, tko, t56 so you might as well just buy the best one which is the tremecs.
  6. I think the A-5 add says, that their 3rd gear is 30 percent wider than a Gforce 3rd gear
  7. The A5 is the bad boy of the T5 kits. But, the TKO is still believed to be stronger. There is a guy on corral making 700+rwhp through an A5 with no problems. Maybe he is lucky?

  8. I think the real issue is that a loaded A5 costs more than tko600, even the lesser model costs as much or more.
    Both need new clutches, so that's a wash.
    The TKO needs a new bellhousing, with big numbers you may want that anyway.

    I think if the worked T5 saved quite a bit of money it would be worth it. But the fact is, it doesn't.

    Really abusive drivers will break the case, i've seen it, not only with a T5, but also with the 3550.

    If i needed a trans and got a good deal like $1000, i think i would consider an A5, but at similar pricing to a TKO, likely not.
  9. anyone know what Bob Hanlon charges for one of his TKO,S ?
  10. With a 1:1 5th instead of 4th, that trans is similar to one with no overdrive. Not real highway friendly.
  11. but if you use a long rear gear and short first gear, it works real nice and becomes highway friendly, but if you want one that has an overdrive try this one;


    thats the nice thing about the richmond transmissions, you can select your gear ratios to tune the trans for your car.
  12. I can buy A5 guts for 1300.00 - 1500.00, just add clutch disc
    I already have more in the car than its worth, so I would not want to dump another 3700.00
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  13. Are those sequential shift?
  14. But on the other hand, that is not bad for a brand new 6 speed!!!
  15. nope standard H pattern.
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  16. I've heard nothing but good things for a Liberty Gears TKO 5sp. Fwiw. Damn near bullet proof. But again it's going to be close to 4k once you add all the misc parts(bell,clutch,shifter,etc)
  17. Here is the problem, it is HARD to get over 10.000 dollars out of a Nice Fox mustang.
    So 4000.00 for transmission is almost half what you could buy a whole car for

    Thats just the way I see it
  18. Here's the way i see it.
    You are always going to be way upside down on any car project. I bet most here are 200% or more in the red.
    If you buy a cheaper trans and break it, you now have to do it twice. Which will cost significantly more than doing it right once. If you buy a kit and mess up installing it (most people don't have the skills to rebuild a trans), you are really in it knee deep. The tremec gets 180 day warranty, i'm guessing if you build or have someone build your A5, a warranty claim would be near impossible to prove.

    Do i think you need a $4000 trans or t56, No.

    The TKO600 is a happy medium, it's $2300+clutch and Bell.
    Proven reputation and since you are worried about value, think about it this way: If you went to look at a car and the guy said it had a reworked T5 would you trust them or pay more for the car? Probably not. But a TKO is a TKO, easy to prove and carries tremecs long admired reputation. Not saying the astro won't work, just saying it wouldn't be a selling point during a purchase.
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  19. Good point ,where can you get a new tko trani - clutch and bell for 2300.00,

    also I rebuild my own motors with no problems, and I just had a 1100f honda motorcycle motor and trans completly apart and rebuilt it and it runs and shifts fine, I think I stand a chance with a t-5 rebuild, and it WILL shift good
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