G-Force Trans! Roughly 3k. NO track time

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  1. G-Force Trans! NO track time. TUFF trans. 94/95

    About 3k miles. This is a Seriously BEEFED trans. It will fit in your stock t-5 location with NO modifications unlike the other transmissions out there!

    It has all the bells and whistles including thicker main shaft & re-enforced casing. Syncho gears for easier shifting. My builder Rick Hawver recommended this trans for its durability. Its a bit too whiney for me and I don't need the .64 5th gear. Helps on the hwy tho with 20mpg on my 414 went I dont get on it. Its great for folks with steep rear gears but drive hwy too! 26 spline. $1700 sells it. This is not the standard trans. It has the upgrades. $2200+ new with the options. Save $500.

    Here's what I could dig up. 2.94, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00 ratios in gears 1 thru 4, and .64 5th gear. It says .63 on their site but .64 on my receipt (packing list).

    294 PRO/GF T5 Synch 9310 Alloy gear set.
    "NOTE: This style transmission gear is STRONGER than a factory GEAR and may generate more gear noise when driven on street."

    T5 W/C Complete Rebuild & small parts kit.
    T5 Aluminum Steel retainer w/seal
    T5 Cluster support plate
    2 HD SYNCH High Alloy Shift Lid Plates (fits 1-4) each
    T5/T45/T56 fits slider alloy metal key (set of 3)
    PLUS 10.5" Blue Printed HI REV p/p (thats the hardened casing according to them) there is no "gforce" case.

    The trans will work with any 87-95 HOWEVER, the INPUT shaft and bearing retainer would have to be changed for a 87-93. Thats $75 install, $49 bearing retainer and $295 input shaft. 87-93? My advice, go buy it directly. .. dam 94/95's. Sorry.
  2. where are you from?
    and would you take 1500?

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