Roush GA Meet and greet?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 88-378, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Sunday the 20th? Lunch?

    Maybe a Hooters? Roswell, Marietta, Gwinnett?
  2. I am good to go!

    George, Randy, etc can you make it?
  3. I work on Sundays but get off work at 2:30..... after that I'm free.. :)
  4. Sorry, I can't make it.
    That's the 3rd Sunday of the Month and All Loyal GARMC Members will be attending our monthly Club meeting.

    George are you planning on ditching the meeting??

  5. I didn't realize it was the 3rd Sunday of the month. I'll be at the meeting right after work.
  6. I am in the club too. where is the meet?
  7. Maybe we all go to the meeting?
  8. Well, I actually don't know if i am a member, but, I'll go and join if i am not already!:p

    I'll see you all there!! (Weather permiting!!)
  9. Meeting is indoors and if it's raining, I drive the Escort. :)
  10. no fun if ya can't drive your car!

    It looks like it will be 70's and partly cloudy..
  11. I'll be there! Not sure which car to bring though?
  12. :nonono: Choices Choices!:D
  13. If you Guys want to be part of Georgia Regional Mustang Club by all means come on out to the meeting this sunday. We need all the "Active Working Members" we can get. Not just names on a list. LOL

    I've got the current roster in front of me right now and I only see mine and Georges names on the list. I am counting on the rest of you to come and join this Sunday at 3:00 Sharp. Better yet make it 2:30.

    Also while you guys are there I'll sign you up for Our Annual Club Track day at the Little Talledega Grand Prix. Its next weekend April 26th. I'll get you signed up for worker slots for only $30 bucks. Before lunch you stand around waving a flag. After lunch you can run all you want to. Ya can't beat that.

    Before you folks start replying with Lame excusses as to why you can't come I'll go ahead and ask: ARE YA YELLER??

    Scared I'll out run you with my "Fire breathin Corner Carvin Supercharged SSC" that is addicted
    to Race fuel?

  14. I ain't sceered! even though you will outrun me, but, wait till next year when i'm stroked. then you'll be hiding!:D

    I will be there sunday. Hopefully the weather will be what it is supposed to be.
  15. Weather permitting I'll be in my Saleen! :)
  16. My convertible is my "Goin to meetin car".
  17. What? Randy, the one time we may get 4 foxbody Saleens and a S351 at the meeting at one time and you're gonna drive the 88 vert???
  18. I don't have a choice. No back seat in the SSC. I'm gonna sell that piece of junk and buy myself a real Mustang with a back seat. LOL

    As of right now my family is coming to the meeting. If Lisa and Jinni decide for some reason not to come, I'll drive the SSC.

    Beside's, this is premo Convertible weather.