Roush GA Meet and greet?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 88-378, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Is the vert a saleen?
  2. No its Better!
    It's a "Pethel" #88-01
  3. ??
  4. Yes the 88 is a red vert and an awesome show winner too!!
  5. You know, a "PETHEL". 1 of 1.
    That's me ! LOL
    I'll explain:
    1988 GT vert. I bought new.,
    Cold Air kit, Ported SSC intake,65mmtb,MSD ignition,stockheads,cam,block, Flex-a-lite Extreme electric fan, underdrive pulleys,FRPP ceramic headers,Basanni X pipe, flowmaster exhaust with LX/Cobra tailpipes.
    87McClaren 4wheel disks,subframe connectors,strut tower brace,front G-load brace, KYB adjustable shocks/struts,FRPP"B"springs,3.73gears.
    LX taillights,93Cobra rear bumper cover,SaleenS351wing,Ram Air hood,93Cobra replica wheels. Makes 240rwhp/300rwtq. That's enough.
    I know i'm missin something

    Restored my ME with Tons of Shiny,
  6. Sounds nice.
  7. Well, it looks like I will come with my Tacoma!

    My asshat of a mechanic screwed up my rear end. needless to say I am not paying him! i disputed the charge.

    i will now proceed to buy a brand new rear!

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. What did he do to the rear end to screw it up? Rebuilding rearends is a no brainer and quite easy to do.
  9. F if I know. It is going back!
  10. If you're not satisfied with his work, let me know, we may be able to work something out and get you going again but if they messed up, I'd sure as he** make them fix it for nothing.
  11. For one it's leaking. two it makes a horrible grinding sound when you have the clutch in and turning to the right. It sounds to me like a bearing!
  12. My guess is someone forgot to install a C clip on the right side and the only thing holding the axle on is the brakes.
  13. ?? who knows. If he screws it up this time, HE WILL buy me a whole new rear already assembled!

    How was the meet and greet? I was pissed and didn't want to go. Planted some trees instead to block all my hated neighbors!
  14. We looked for you at the GRMC meeting. Bart, Randy, Scott and myself all were there. Everyone in their Saleens except Bart, who came "LATE" in his Z06. I guess those cars are just slow! ( sorry Bart, couldn't ressit!) hahaha
  15. How did I know I would get some crap from George lol.

    I was in the mountains all day carving corners with the Corvette club while trying to avoid the crazies on their crotch rockets.

    What is the saying? Better late than never?

    Both of my arms are scorched (nice sunburn) just from driving. My sunburn and dress shirt are not playing well with each other today!
  16. Hey that's what great friends are for Bart! :)
  17. Picking up car tomorrow. seems that the pinion was out of alignment. They re-set everything.
  18. Well I hope that gets it all straightened out. It would be nice to all get together on a Saturday or something say at a Hooters??? :) I work Sundays but am off after 2:30pm.
  19. I'm in. Let me know. Car is fine now.
  20. Glad they got the pinion gear straightened out and she's back on the road again.