gain 100 hp 95 stock conv.

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  1. Im about the same and am in Indianapolis as well, who did the tune/work?, lots of shady wanna be mustang guys up here.. I dont tune, but a couple shops in particular I can tune better than they can..

    For reference I made 350+whp with a stock 302 bottom end last month, for a customer.

    Let me know if I can help any!
  2. 12 K. spent and your still only at 250 RWHP???? WTF? Thats highway robbery.
    Me and that first shop would have extremely major issues. Jesus Christ himself would not have been able to get me off of that owners case. He would have needed an ambulance at the very least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad man. And it was a "friend" But I have been there and done that as well.
    But we all live and learn. Glad you got it up and running an like the guys are saying just come on here and get all the information you need. there are guys running 700 hp on this forum.I love it here. Everybody helps everybody. That is a wonderful thing.
    Good luck moving forward.

  3. "A fool and his money are soon parted."

    It sounds like you've got more money than sense. $12k for 250 RWHP in a 94 Mustang? If I had no vehicle, I could buy a 94 Mustang for $4000, spend $3000 on a supercharger, spend another $4000 on heads, intake, TB, headers, and exhaust, and for $11k, make a whole lot more than 250 RWHP.

    The plain and simple fact is that if you had $12k to spend all at once on this car, then you have plenty of disposable income. If you didn't, you may not have been so careless. ;)

    Next time shop around.
  4. I would be interested to know what combo hci combo would net mw around 350 rwhp on a stock 302 bottom end :) I am new to the 5.0 as I have always played with modulars and am not sure where to start lol.
  5. We had dome pistons in a otherwise stock shortblock. It was balanced, trick flow R intake (75mm upper), vic jr heads, stg 2 tfs cam (advanced 4deg), longtubes, big maf, and all the supporting stuff. It would rev past 7k with ease. The dome pistons and cam degreeing made it alot stronger. I think it was at least a solid 20hp over a stock shortblock. It was about 12.1-1 comp. With the bone stock 200+K mile shortblock, it made a tick over 340rwhp. So its possible with a better cam and exhaust.
  6. 300HP would be easy with nothing more than a supercharger and some better rockers for added insurance....For what was spent a Kenne Bell would have make you smile from ear to ear.
  7. Dag on, 12k, you could've super charged it safely with around 6-8lbs of boost and made north of 300hp. But the most important thing is that lesson is learned I hope
  8. Wow, I thought this was a joke until I kept reading it. Your clue should've been when they wanted to rebuild a 30,000 mile motor. They ruined a perfectly fine motor for no reason. Slap a supercharger on there will give you an easy 100+ HP for around $3500. So sad their are still crooks out there taking advantage of people.
  9. Holy cow. I would be feeling took by the second shop as well. Another $7k got you what?

    You sound like you have a lot of money to play with. If you ever need any advice on where to spend it give me a call. It would be fun shopping with that kind of budget. Griggs Racing would be very happy. For $12000 your car should be really fast, sound really good, and handle very well.

    Have you taken it to IRP yet? I live right by there. Actually, I live at the end of the drag strip across the street.
  11. Im still fighting with the shop that built my engine, they rebuilt it again and ported the eldebrock heads, K B pistons, different comp cam. I next took it to back to the dyno shop that had done a diablo chip. He said he could modify the tune , but it did'nt help much. showed 270 RWHP. After about 6 months I took it to a tuner that put in an SCT chip, still no help. Next went back to original shop to complain. They checked the base timing and found it was set at Zero. They set at 10* and it runs like a different car. Alot more power and gets about 12-14 mpg verses the 8-10 it was getting. Havnt had a dyno run yet. Now I dont know who to blame, I think there all guilty, most shops here know each other and many mechanics have worked them all, in the performance end, almost a conspiracy. I may file a lawsuit soon, it seems my only alternative. Like everyone on stangnet says , for that much money I should have a very fast car, anyway the mods were done over a long period of time so I didnt think of it like spending the amount all at once. I could have bought a really nice car
    instead of getting jacked around for 3 years
  12. Yeah, 12k is a lot to spend. I would be pretty upset. That is why I do my own work. I never let anyone touch my Mustangs. If I need engine work done that would be a different story of course. But in the end I would be the one putting it back together and dropping it in the car.

    Have you discussed your concerns with these two shops? I'd be asking for a refund. Then I would threaten a lawsuit.

  13. UpDATE
    Delayed response: I'm still dealing with the results of a poor engine builder. After months of complaining , they agreed to rebuild the engine, This time changed to KB pistons , comp c 224/232 duration: ported the Eldebrock performer heads, When I started the new engine it ran very rough, which I attributed to the cam . After driving awhile realized the power was not that good . Also engine kept dying in hot restart. I took
    It to a dyno shop told them the specifics, afterinstallung a SCT chip it's on the dyno they said , they were having problems getting it tuned. After paying 700$, the car didn't run any better. Took it back to builder, checked base timing, it was at 2degrees, So the builder didn't set the timing at the standard 10 degrees before I had it Dynoed. Shouldn't the dyno tech have checked the base timing? Now there blaming each other and I'm stuck in the middle . It's now known As the engine build from hell. Once the timing was set to 10 it ran 100 percent better. I would think that it should be re- dynode, based on the new timing? The latest issue is a broken valve spring, of course , no warranty ? I think going to court May be my next move
  14. This is why I hate everybody. I'm assuming you took the car to blue oval chips? A h/c/I car should be the easiest thing ever to get right. Just timing and fuel pressure adjustments can get the car running perfect.
  15. Also, who built the engine?
  16. Sorry to hear about your problems. Thanks for sharing so others can learn also.
  17. Yes, no question. In fact, I would go a step further and say that they should check both the timing and the nominal fuel pressure before starting any ECU calibration changes. If those two items aren't set correctly or at least known, the tuner has no idea what they're calibrating to.
  18. I have a very similar story as the op but instead of replacing the fresh e7's I opted for centri blower, I hope I made the right choice(took like 4 years and a selling a fox to get the blower)
    But anyway I guess the moral of the story is do your homework. If I would have searched forums etc before the build i would've came out way ahead for about the same or less money.
    *Edit* Just re-read your update. Lord have mercy that's horrible. I'd have been homeless like 3 tunes ago.
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