galeri restrictor oil in 302 block location picture??

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  1. hello friends I hope esten good or wanted to know if some has a grafico or a photo o picture of the location of restrictor of oil in a 302 motor the block efi

    my mustang is a 1968 an the engine in this moment is a 347 stroker and my Camshafts is solid and used restrictor oil??? and what is your location please in picture o photo thanks

    i not speck english very much tahnks
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  3. I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but this is what the top end of a 302 short block looks like if it helps answer your question any?


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  4. I've seen worse posts from guys who grew up here in the states... you're doing fine :nice:

    Why do you want to run an oil restrictor?
    Unless you're doing something REALLY crazy with this motor, I doubt you need one anywhere in a 302/351w...

    good luck,
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  6. The restrictors you speak of are meant to keep the majority of the oil in the bottom end. They go in place of your existing soft plugs behind timing chain (there are 3 of them) press in style. You will need to get the block machined to accept threaded plugs instead of the press in style k! This will let the oil that enters the lifter bore journals empty back into the pan sooner.,137_Oil-Restrictors.html
  7. :shrug:
    Sounds like you are talking about replacing press-in plugs with threaded plugs... Nothing about where the restrictors go....

    Sticking to my original response...
    Unless you are building something for a very specific application, then avoid oil restrictors (assuming 302/351w).

  8. Hello friends in mecanical general indicate that on having used Camshafts flat tape mechanical debit To be used restrictor oil for de best lubrication.

    Though they have commented to me that in so small engines it(he,she) is not recommended usarce as what I have the doubt use so much of them like of the location where they go for that I buy those of ford racing and the instructions that I bring are not understood by me.

    thanks friend in this picture view a ubication of restrictor

    thanks :nice:
  9. I have heard of oil restricters in cleveland motors but not windsor motors. the cleveland motors would pump so much oil to the cam the crank would go dry (I think)
  10. It is a common practice to install restrictors on solid or mech roller set-ups since you do not need all the oil to the lifters or valve train.

    Since the stock blocks are not priority main oiling what Punisher posted above sounds correct, on a priority main block like a DART you put the restrictor in the rear oil feed usually .080"-.100" depending on the set-up.