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  1. :banana:

    My Capri is no longer trying to light itself on fire and has passed emissions with flying colors. I can drive it again! :banana: Thanks Dave for all your hard work. :hail2: Now if I could just sell my '04. :fuss:
  2. Congrat womang :nice:
  3. Thank yous! :banana:

    I need a new catback. This Flowmaster crap is too quiet. :fuss:
  4. The cat-back you have isn't really that quiet - it's just like that right now because you have a cat'ed X-pipe ahead of it. That thing REALLY muffles the sound volume. We'll have to swap the off-road X back on there sometime this weekend... :nice:
  5. Ok, then just new tailpipes? :shrug: :D

    I know the X pipe muffles it. :nice: I'm just so spoiled on that Notch. :drool:
  6. :lol:

    I put my cats back on to pass emissions and almost cried (I have no tear ducts) the 1st time I started the car.
  7. It's a mournful sound isn't it? Like the car is crying to be heard. :cry:
  8. It's more like someone trying to scream through a pillow. :D
  9. Mine sounded better. :fuss: