Garrrr!!!!!!! Stupid Weather!!!!!

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  1. So today was my appointment with the tuner. Last Saturday night into Sunday dropped about a foot of snow across the region. Monday brought a high temperature of about 1*F and lows around -4*F. The tuner closed, there is a foot of standing snow in the alley behind my garage with ice and snow on every other roadway surface. Instead of having an awesome day getting new numbers, I am stuck indoors on my day off. This displeases me greatly. :fuss:

    These are first world problems, I know, but I'm still SO PISSED! Thank God Smokey and the Bandit is on CMT right now or I would probably get destructive. :crap:
  2. That's ok, just stay home and have some sex with the ol lady!
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  3. Oh that's a total :poo:

    ......high today here was 64 :hide:

    Texas FTW
  4. Instructions followed.