Gas and oil additives


Sep 12, 2018
Fort Worth, TX
I noticed there are a lot of previous discussions regarding lead and zinc additives but trying to get more specific to my engine.
My 71 Mach 1 has a 351 4V Winsor (replaced factory 302 2V). I have no idea when, how old or how many miles are on this engine.
Owned the car going in 3 years. I had my value covers replaced 1.5 years ago and the mechanic said everything looked very clean and good.
I have been using premium gas, I have put RXP in twice and have used one bottle of Lucus Oil ethanol gas treatment in the time I have owned the car.
Only drive an average once a week, maybe more depending on car shows.
1. Sould I be adding a gas treatment?
If so what kind?
2. Should I be adding an oil treatment such as a zinc additive?
If so what type?
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Potomus Pete

Is there a trick , or does my wife just hold it
Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
I use Star Products ethanol stabilizer on my 1990. I think its good to keep rust out of my gas tank..I change my oil every six months whether it needs it or not. Thats enough to keep it clean and oil additive.
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