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  1. Yeah, its all George Bush and the republican's fault, screw big oil blah blah blah blah blah......

    Its actually the lack of refineries. We have enough oil coming in, but not enough refineries to process it all. Add in the fact all of them have to shut down temporarily to switch to "summer blend" and that's gonna cause prices to skyrocket. we could build more refineries, but becuase of all the environmental regulations, its damn near impossible to do that.
  2. Look at the PROFITS they make at the end of each quarter. That will tell you who is to blame. When a problems comes up that costs the oil company 1% it turns into 5% more profit for them. Excuses suck when your bottom line tells the story.
  3. You gotta watch out for them Texans :eek:

    I hear they don't pay those outrageous gas prices :eek:

  4. Wow, I didn't know we had such a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Yes, oil companies are making money...its called business...they are in the business of selling gasoline and making money. They are going to try to make the most money by matching price with demand. America wants oil prices to go down? How about using less gasoline? Try driving economical cars instead of useless trucks, SUVs, and 500 hp Mustangs...:rlaugh:

    Oil companies aren't going to maximize profits by just jacking up prices whenever they damn well feel like, they have to take demand into consideration. considering its spring and people are driving more...demand is going up but supply is staying the same. Proof that refineries are not keeping up? Right now in Colorado we have a gasoline shortage. Our on base gas station had to shut down for a day because there wasn't any gas in the state. We had to go out of state to find gasoline. How is that the big bad oil companies fault? They want to sell gasoline to us just as much as we want to buy it.

    Everybody likes to **** about the price of gasoline, but nobody wants to do what it takes to decrease our consumption, including me, but I don't ****.

    And if you think George Bush is any more greedy or corrupt than the next politician, you are sadly mistaken. The news media just likes to point it out more and present all these theories that they call "news"

    Any which way, I don't surf stangnet to argue politics. I made my point and I'm done with this thread.
  5. Grady, is gas really cheaper out your way? I seriously never thought about it. I seem to recall it was decently priced in Alaska when I lived there, but gas was under a dollar just about everywhere back then. :rlaugh:

    I could kick myself. Back when gas was cheap, I drove hi-po 4 bangers and sport bikes. Now I have pigs and gas costs a ton. :bang:
  6. No JT

    I was just foolin around above :D

    89 grade is 2.89
    93 grade which I use in my 95 is 3.19 :bang:

    Is it higher than that for all the rest of you :shrug:

  7. I never posted a THEORY. I stated FACTS. And I bought a Focus that gets 32 mpg. I've done everything you mentioned. Where's my cookie?

    If you want a THEORY.... during Katrina. We had semi tankers sitting in line for more than a day here in MO at the depots. Why? The drivers said they were refusing to let them fill up. Even though we had plenty of gas sitting there in the tanks. The longer they waited, the more valuable their stock was. Business is business. Why not take a bad situation and make it worse for people? It's only profit right? Nothing wrong with that. :rolleyes:
  8. No, i'm not shutting my eyes and saying nanny nanny boo I tend to do from time to time. :D I just kinda wanted to stop cuz political threads usually don't end up doing anything productive and it only ends in heartache and sadness. :( But since you called me out...

    All I'm saying is what do you expect the oil companies to do differently? Should they be charity organizations and keep prices artificially low? If they did that, then people would continue buying gas in more and more quantities, then we're all screwed even more.

    That's good that you guys are driving fuel efficient cars as well as high horspower mustangs. I just threw the mustang part in there to kinda poke fun at myself. Mainly I was talking about our nation as a whole. We either need to start using less fuel as a nation, or build some more damn refineries.

    As far as the Katrina example, that doesn't make sense to me. How would witholding fuel from one small region (a region that everyone is evacuating to boot) improve the company's financial results that much especially considering their profits are in the billions? There are many reasons why the truck drivers weren't allowed to offload their fuel, we can only speculate as can the drivers.

    I'm sure than Exxon would love to build more refineries, lower the cost of fuel, and let us buy more and more fuel. The profit margins would increase even more than they already have. But strict environmental regulations make the building of new refineries unfeasable, so the oil companies are relegated to upgrading the existing ones. You want Bush to break up all the big oil companies? I want to see anybody try to break them up to promote competition. If they do, I tip my hat to them.
  9. "No, i'm not shutting my eyes and saying nanny nanny boo I tend to do from time to time." :D That was funny though! :D

    Yes, I agree these political threads can go way out of hand. :nice:

    I guess I am just ranting about is part of the problem but definitely not THE sole reason...I may have sounded a bit carried away on that.

    As to other conspiracys like rosie odonnel (sp) and stuff like that, I think she is full of poop. I am not into that stuff for the most part.

    But I tend to think..hey what if I want to drive the stang all summer...gas price know? That and commuters...My bro drives 1.5 hours to work each way..right now, it is his only option! :nonono:
  10. Up here in TN i noticed the other day that the cheap stuff was $2.86 a gallon. I couldn't tell you how much 93 is, my car has been out of comission since early March, so I haven't had the need to buy any since then.
  11. there is too many people to blaim for it, it wont get us any where.

    $3 for the cheap crap.
  12. $3.09 for regular in rural MD...went up to PA today and it was about .10 cheaper. I've had to start running 89 in my car bc 93 is just outrageous, almost $3.30. I blame those raghead bastards and the big oil execs for this...they could charge half as much per gallon and still make insane profits.
  13. Earlier I saw that we topped 3 bucks for 87 here. I like how we live in one of the hottest places around and can only get up to 91 octane.

    Grady did pull me leg; that's disappointing that Texans don't get cheaper gas.
  14. For those of you that have opened your eyes and see what's really goin' on, I couldn't agree with you more, the FAT cats in the Oil business have made more profit during the Bush Admin, than any company has ever made in history!!!! That means more profit and money than Microsoft. This S***T is happening now, and for real. The American People are gettin' Screwed by these guys. You saw how the price of gas fell before the Nov 2006 Elections, it was no accident. After the elections, it went right back up, and even higher than before. Even when the gas was at a lower price, they STILL made Record profits.:nonono:

    Until some Big changes are made in DC, this will continue. I love driving my V8 Mustang, but I now pay $3.50/ Gallon in San Diego. Yes the Oil Co's have always made money, and they can raise or lower the price at will. Vice Pres Cheney has had private meetings w/ these guys, somethin' smells fishy there!!! The Oil Companies have more Money, Power, and Infuence than our own government. They will not stop Screwin' us until they are made to stop!! That won't happen w/ this Admin, even though there is true Conflicts of Interests between the Oil Companies and the Bush Admin. :nono:

    I know I may have angered some w/ this post. This is not a Republican or Democrat Issue, it's America's Issue, cause we are all suffering. This Gas Inflation causes everything else to go up, all goods and services. We all have to do our parts to use less. However, the FAT CATS are doing this cause they can, and Yes they have the Power and Money to build a S**t load of Refineries, if that was their will. If they could control the air we breathe, they would, and they would charge us up the A**!!!:notnice:
  15. Gas prices aren't the only thing.
    Look at Muscle Car prices!!! Muscle Car prices have risen to astronomical levels since George Bush took office in 2000.
    Damn greedy George Bush.:rolleyes:
  16. I make like $700 a month working my part time job, and drive to school almost every day, getting 3 trips from a tank.

    You know how I dont let gas prices bother me?

    I dont give a damn. :) I know there is nothing I can do about it, so I dont ****.

    I do that with alot of **** and it saves alot of frustration and worry.

    As Rush would say, "My way of live is easy, and as simple are my needs."
  17. my daily driver averages 11 or so mpg and cost around $70 to fill it 2 days ago. there isnt anything i can do about it, so i dont see any reason to complain. yes, it sucks, but regardless of our president's ties to big oil and the fact that i think he is an absolute moron i dont feel that he is to blame for what is going on. supply and demand is what decides prices plain and simple. the only way we are going to get any relief is for the country to increase its capacity to refine oil, or for people to lower fuel consumption, or a combination of both.