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  1. Sorry, :) - I must have skipped over it, the President has little to do with the economy as a whole.

    I seen this quote:

    "Demand does not increase beyond supply. When the oil supply is tightened the price goes up. Demand stays the same."

    Are you talking about the short-run or long-run?

    People will look for alternative sources and make less 'consuming' (demand) decisions...
  2. I fear for this country if the President starts to use personal connections to tell business' how much money they can make.

    If you think Exxon-Mobile makes too much money, they perhaps you should buy stock in them. Like any other privately owned company, they owe it to themselves and their share holders to make as much as possible. I own their stock and I for one hope you all install super chargers.:D

    I do exactly what KC does.... I actually play a game every time I fill up, to see if I can get better mileage from week to week. I discovered that if I take the highway and drive 5 more miles on my commute home, I save gas compared to the 1/2 mile of stop and go on a backroad. At 75mph, my F150 doesn't even tach 2K RPMS. Cruising sub 65 is something like 1650.

  3. "I fear for this country if the President starts to use personal connections to tell business' how much money they can make."

    Many suggest that clinton did exactly that and there is a lot of evidence against him and his administration.
  4. Clinton is one of the greatest unhanged scoundrels of all time. He defines the term "right place at the right time." He rode the false internet boom of the 90s right into the ground, and when it collapsed on 43's watch somehow he got blamed.

    I think Bush is a crappy economicist, and has yet to find a spending bill he didn't like, but he did get the short end of it right from the get-go.

    To sum up my feelings... if you don't like it when oil company's make money, move to Venezuela where Hugo Chaves and his dopes have socialized everything. I'm sure you'll be back before the door closes.

  5. NM. I've ranted enough. Someone elses turn.
  6. Poka, I like you buddy...but you might want to do a little more research into this. The argument that you're presenting is based on old data and old methods. The lifecycle of ethanol produces less GHGs than the lifecycle of Oil, when refined in accordance to current standards.
  7. Hmm.. are you sure Therian? My resource was 20/20 John Stos-hole (sp? hehe). I saw that one on TV last week. The experts and some politicians agreed that the "process" to produce the ethanol poluted the air more than what it was making up for the bad emissions our current oil method. Do they have it wrong? I know 20/20 "spins" their info ALL the time (again, I consider them more entertainment than fact) Thanks...let us know :shrug:
  8. O.C cali here, regular is now sitting at $3.57 a gallon, yes this is for the cheap crap. it's 3.87 for the premium. It cost me $58.00 to fill the stang today. This is getting rediculous.
  9. Man that sucks. In case anyone didn't read through the entire thread. (why yo u would i dont know, lol). Cali is always higher on gas price than the rest of the nation because they voted in stricter refining standards that cost a good bit more at the pump.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think Europe costs more because of the transportation costs to get the gas there..
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  12. YEAH **** CANADA!!


  13. Funny. Ok, so does anyone have documentation of fact t othe otherwise?
  14. i'm seriously thinking i'm going to buy a motorcycle, I work 30 miles from where I live, and I average about 15 - 16 miles per gallon, and even less with all this damn traffic. I can almost buy online race gas for cheaper. If the prices tip over $4 I am going to buy in bulk from Vp or 76 race, I can get a 55 gallon drum for $225, thats roughly $4.09 per gallon, and thats 110 octane.

    Anyone else looking into the E89 flex fuel? I can get E89 50/50 for like $1.59 a gallon, (this is 50% E85 and 50% gasoline). I have really been looking into this; So far the pros are: higher octane, better performance, cleaner burning, cheaper, and nothing major to modify. The cons: Hard to find, burns faster than 100% gasoline, And I was told it burns hotter than 100% gasoline, which means more heat, and as we all know heat is not friendly to our cars.:shrug:

    Any other thoughts? Maybe i'll just buy a diesel and make my own bio diesel...:hail2:

    Ohh and for all of you CRAZY canadiens.....:canada: :owned:
  15. the 20 minutes piece seems to be in line with this:

    I would like to see the methodology of the study. Many times they leave out the fact that corn absorbs CO2 (the primary GHG) just like any other plant. The study above only uses E0 (pure gas) and E10 (10% ethanol). They claim there is no reduction in hydrocarbons, however that would seem to contradict a Gazi University study which showed "The addition of 60% ethanol to the unleaded gasoline caused a 31.45% reduction in HC emissions at the compression ratio of 10:1." (I can get you the study if you want to read it). They also found that "
    The addition of 40% ethanol to the unleaded gasoline gave the best results for reduction of CO emissions by about 31.8% at 9:1 compression ratio. The addition of 60% ethanol to the unleaded gasoline caused a decrease in CO emissions by about 19.8% and 22.3% mean average values at 8:1 and 9:1 compression ratio, respectively."

    While CO is not a GHG, it is a significant contributor to smog and air pollution. Hydrocarbons on the other hand, are GHGs.

    Another study:

    A recent Canadian study shows that on a lifecycle basis, 10% ethanol-blended gasoline can lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4%. The study tracked greenhouse gas emissions starting at planting and fertilizing fields through to harvest, trucking feedstock to the ethanol plant, production of ethanol, transportation to fuel distributors and retailers and finally to consumption in motorists' vehicles. GHGenius (, a Canadian model for lifecycle assessment of transportation fuels, reached similar conclusions about ethanol's impact on greenhouse gas reduction.
  16. Wow that's cheap. so is it E100 mixed with gas 50/50 to create E50? E89 seems also seems odd that they would mix it twice. Either way that price is phenomenal.

    I'm not sure about the extra heat thing...The increased octane seems as though it would help out there though.

  17. Yeah simple man lyrics would suit better :)

    Just that guy gets on my nerves, I gotta listen to him everyday on the ride home (carpool) and he has SO many people believe every single word he says. It was more of a rant than a comment about you. :nice:
  18. I'd prefer if my carpool listened to queens of the stone age
  19. Sounds like the studies are still "up in the air". :rlaugh: Sorry, had to do it. Lifecycle, yes, that was the one I was looking for.