Mach 1 gas mileage and reliability

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 3speedpony, May 24, 2008.

  1. Thx for the link.Anyone know if they are just the rings or is there more to it?I think Im gonna get those.
  2. Mine is my daily driver. I drive about 75 miles a day. It averages 17 to 19 mph, but I drive like a jackass.
  3. I see you only have this one post and it was back in May, so did you ever get the Mach1?

    This may be too late but I have had my Mach since new, just turned 18k on it and I have filled it up everytime I have put gas in it and have checked every thank for the MPG.

    I even made up a spread sheet that I enter each fill up on and it calculates the MPG and overall agerage.

    My overall average is 19.5, a best of 28+ and worst of 15+. I have never had it on a trip that I got to run the Interstates for a full tank either.

    I am pleased with this though concidering my '07 6er's overall average was only 20+ in the 25k miles that I owned it. It did get several trips too and only bettered the Mach's best a couple times.