Gas mileage on 00 to 04 V6 Mustang

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  1. :rlaugh: Good luck finding another thread that's less off topic as this.
  2. Ya you do. Your here to trade your Mach 1 :drool: for my V6.
  3. What a mess for a simple inquiry.
  4. I know it's awesome! I don't know what I get as far as MPG anymore, i'd say like 20-22mpg or something of the sort. Have you tried looking around on the internet for the answer, I mean i'm sure you have but you never know.
  5. I think it depends on the driver and they type of driving.
  6. I've never done better than 18 mpg in the city with my GT V8. If I thought I could get 20+ in town consistently on a V6, I'd try and make a switch. Along with all the other things that cost more on a V8, I think it'd be worth it. Probably save $20 to $30 a month with all the in town driving I do.
  7. That's true, it actually turned into a pretty good thread.
  8. A mustang? Wait, is this a Mustang forum? Holy crap!

    To answer your question, no, I've never owned a mustang.
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  14. Just wondering then, why did you sign up to a mustang message board?
  15. Why not? I enjoy all kinds of cars and all kinds of people. It's no fun being on a message board when everyone has the same opinion as you do. And Mr. TP, how is me answering his question tripping on my own words?
  16. Fight, Fight.....Frrrrrr wha` happen`d 2 that BOY?

    Anyhow, I have a 2001 V6 Convertible and the gas/mileage is not so good...From a full tank 15.7Gal I get roughly 200-250Miles combined HWY/CTY and I use SHELL V-Power 91 Octane Fuel all the time. Also I almost never drive less than 70-75Mph on the Freeway usually arround 80-85Mph.So I guess it all depends on how U drive the Car
  17. B52Yellow:

    Thanks for a straightforward reply. Guess I'll keep my V-8 with all it's wonderful torque for going up into the AZ mountains.
  18. I think that U should keep it too, " ONCE U GO V8-JUST GO STRAIGHT" I was thinking of getting a V8 Convertible-YELLOW if I can find a decent one.....or just get a newer V6 w/low miles and add a SUPERCHARGER ($3700)
  19. Integraholic for the win.

    He's a vet. Novices beware.

    And the whole "you're a ricer" "No! You're a ricer" thing is quite old. Almost as affective as "your momma" jokes.
  20. Exactly my thinking back in post #9 in this thread. Good choice, and glad some people gave you some real mileage numbers to use.